10 Hand Gestures to Avoid

Thanks for being a part of our insider program and interested in continuing this conversation. Like I pointed out on the article Podcast Using Gestures; there are good gestures and there are bad ones. Here are some of the bad ones:

Quote Marks

Believe it or not, quote marks can be considered sarcasm.

Pistol Whip

Pulling out your hands and making a gun point. Many people find that offensive and in the wrong situation can be construed as not caring for the audience.

Gestures that Touch Your Face

It’s best to never touch your face when presenting. Avoid the “Call Me” gesture, the “I see you” gesture and the “Zip it” gesture. Even putting your hand on your forehead to show exhaustion can be bad.

Most important, avoid the nose – no matter how much it itches. It indicates you are lying.

Exceptions to Touch Your Face

There are two exceptions. One is obvious and the other shows emotion.

1. Sneeze or Cough – just like in public, cover your mouth before you do it. Kids nowadays are learning to use your forearm to cover rather than your hand. It’s best to follow that idea.

2. Wiping tears from your eyes – For this, you better be crying. Creating an emotional moment might cause you to tear up. Some may mock you but it’s a great way to bring people into a conversation.

Make sure you are not wiping your face when you do it. Use your index finger to wipe the tear away.

Talk to the Hand

Any gesture that mocks can be bad. Talk to the hand, blah blah blah, finger pointing in the air to indicate “No you did not say that” can be some of these gestures.

Which hand gestures do you use and which ones do you avoid? Let me know! Twitter @RecordAPodcast

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