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How to Record Podcasts on Your iPad

When we started this crazy podcast thing, we had bulky microphones, big computers and clunky software. Times have changed. Now, we have iPads and all the means to record a podcast with it. My iPad Podcast – Hotel Walkthrough Whenever I go on a trip, I do a hotel walkthrough. Before it was a lot of work. Now, I can pick up my iPad and walk around a hotel taking video and mixing it down to upload. I purchased iMovie for iOS which allows me to create video, mix together and even put music behind. I can do a hotel walk-through in...

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10 Questions to ask during Podcast Interviews when Stumped

Interviewing a person for your podcast is exciting and fun. It gives your show a bit of variety because people are hearing from a different source. Some people do one-on-one interviews on-site, while others interview via Skype or by phone. You want to do it but get concerned you cannot keep up with the questions. Part is a listening game, another part is to make sure the interviewee doesn’t run away with the segment. You need questions to keep them on track. But what if you don’t know what to ask them? What if they give you a “train wreck”...

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Cool Garage Sale Podcast Purchases Edirol, M-Audio

I love to garage sale. You never know what you can get for a great discount. Yesterday was a perfect example. I walked up to a box that said, “Everything in this box, $20”. What I saw on top made the purchase worth it. Edirol UA-4fx Vocal mic/instrument to USB This first item is the Edirol UA-4fx vocal/instrument mixer. It has some great features to it. You can plug a microphone or instrument into this mixer and record in 24-bit. The mixer has an effects mode and even a tube simulator for great audio control.  Set to master to record...

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Free Podcast Music: Boogie Singer

Last year, I composed this Royalty Free track for Podcasters and Video Podcasters. The intro is called “Boogie Singer” and was created for our trip to CES 2012. It includes intro music, and lead-in music for a show. You can use these tracks in your podcast shows without repercussion. I ask you link back to either or on your sites and the theme title with @geekazine or @RecordAPodcast in your credits. If you would like to use these tracks outside of podcasting (commercial film or TV), you must get written permission. Contact me to find out how. Play in new window...

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Audio Clipping: What is It? How to Prevent Clipping in Podcast

If you’ve ever recorded something, and pushed the volume on the recording, you might have heard the clip of the microphone. If it’s bad enough, you might end up re-recording your whole show. Sometimes, you don’t have that opportunity. So let’s work on not clipping the microphone. What is Audio Clipping? Basically, the way a microphone works is by having a moving piece in the microphone. When you speak, that piece vibrates and turns sound into an electric signal. If you speak too loud, the core of the microphone is pushed all the way so it cannot vibrate. Therefore, it...

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Podcast Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020

If you want another low-cost microphone for podcasting, Audio-Technica makes the  AT2020 microphone. This is a cost effective condenser microphone for vocals and some instrument capture. And the black finish does make the microphone look cool. About Condenser microphones The condenser microphone is a great one to have in podcasting. These microphones have a greater frequency, and can reproduce the speed of the voice (called “transient response”). These microphones are more sensitive to loud sounds. Most condenser mics require whats called “phantom power”. Basically a source as to power the microphone (whereas a standard SM 58 does not need external power). However, the handling...

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Podcast 101: Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes [How to]

If you are brand new to podcasting, you know one thing – your show has to be on iTunes. It’s not difficult, you just have to know how to do it. I’ll show you how. Check Your Feeds First Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you want to make sure your feed is valid. Otherwise, Apple will reject it. W3c can validate your feed. If your feed is not valid, it will let you know so you can make the proper fixes. Your feed can be valid and still have some issues to it. It’s just a question of...

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Free Podcast Music: SXSW

When I went out to SXSW this year, I wrote this intro. It brought a twang to the videos and did me well for the interviews I captured. This is the first of a few tracks I will be creating for How to Record Podcasts. These tracks are Royalty Free for Podcasters and Video Podcasters. That means you can use these tracks in your shows without repercussion. If you would like to use these tracks outside of podcasting (commercial film or TV), you must get written permission. Play in new window | Download

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Creating a Soundboard for Your Podcast

If you were a DJ in the 80’s you had to deal with this system of 8-track looking cassettes in a carousel. Someone would record a soundbyte on the cassette and put it in the rack. When it was time, you pulled the cassette out and prepped it for use. Whether an intro, news soundbyte, special effect, or other sound, everything would revolve around that carousel. Things have changed from that time. Now, you can get a soundboard together via iPad or computer. Collecting sounds can be done though use of a digital recorder, or going through a website to...