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10 Vocal Exercise Words that Loosen Up Face, Vocal Chords for Podcast

Vocal exercises – you hear about them in acting and how some radio and TV personalities do it before a broadcast. But do you as a podcaster warm up your vocal chords? It’s important to do so – not only to have your mouth and throat loose but also to make you feel more confident in your show. It’s like warming up before a 5k race – you don’t start cold and you feel like you are just slipping into the vocals. 10. AAAAAHHHHH Open your mouth slightly and say “AAAAHHH” for as long as you can. This does two...


Podchat #2: Jamie Davis of ProMed Network [Transcript]

Transcript of Episode 2 with Jamie Davis – @Podmedic. He produces several medical shows and also goes to confrences like EMS expo to live stream and get content. We talk about podcasting to this niche.   RecordAPodcast In two weeks we have a real special guest joining us. She started a podcast channel. More info to come next week! #podchat-8:04 PM Nov 27th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Thanks to @techpodcasts #CES13 live stream for sponsoring. See everyone next week when @Loumongello joins us#podchat -8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012    podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Thanks to @Podmedic for chatting with us tonight. Remember to follow our guests on #Twitter. #podchat-8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Feel free to...

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How to Record Podcasts Black Friday Deals to Go For

Looking to get that podcaster something for xmas this year? Let me help out! I did some searching and find you some great deals that will help you with your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Tuesday shopping. These are all technology-related items. If you want weird geeky items, check out the Dorkazine Black Friday deals. If you want techie items, check out Geekazine Black Friday Deals. PreSonus AudioBox Studio Set If you are looking for a great starter podcast kit, the PreSonus AudioBox Studio Set is definitely the item to get. PreSonus is a name most sound engineers are...


Podchat #1: Todd Cochrane on the Podcast Website [Transcript]

Transcript of Podchat episode 1. Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central talks about what you should have on your website to help promote your podcast. Podchat is a Twitter chat that happens every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Use the hashtag #podchat to participate.    RecordAPodcast Thanks @douglaswelch & @PodcastJunky for participating. See you next Tuesday at 8 pm EST! #podchat -8:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Thanks to @geeknews for this first chat. You can continue to chat afterwards. Next week I’ll have another guest. #podchat -8:00 PM Nov 20th, 2012    GeekNews Before we go, make sure you check out our new stats interface we released it to all users...


Getting your Podcast Website in Order – Writing Blog Post [Roundtable]

I join back up with Todd Cochrane in episode 15 of the TPN roundtable. Today we talk about your website and how to post your podcast show notes. Todd starts off with explaining what you need when you set up a website for your podcast. Using his website ( as an example he explains how you want to have your RSS feed and other important links on the top side of your site. I talk about the importance of writing a good blog post. The keys of a good blog post include: 150-200 words 1-2 images including a feature image...


Lair Dwellers

Name: Brian Lee Podcast: Lair Dwellers – Website: What is your show about? Lair Dwellers is a show about gamers and geeks from the perspective of 3 geek dads who don’t play as much as they used to. Every week we talk about classic role playing, pen and paper and electronic games without getting too “grumpy old men”. Are you a full time podcaster? No, we’re all computer professionals. Our interests are pretty much in the introverted, nerd spectrum: books, movies, comics, video games, board games, music. What is your mic rig and recording software? NADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone...

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Remove an Old Podcast from iTunes Store [How-To]

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article on how to Submit your podcast to iTunes. Because of that I was asked the question:   I just migrated from Squarespace – 5 to 6 for my blog that hosts my podcast feeds. In so doing, even though the blog podcast has the same url, I had to resubmit them to iTunes in order to have them work – and they have been approved. The catch is that my old invalid feeds are still listed in iTunes as well. Any idea how to remove those invalid feeds from iTunes directory? – Rob Schertzer,...

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Welcome to the Insiders group

Thanks for being an Insider. This is where you will get some juicy information on podcasting like special deals and how-tos. Each insider membership is for 1 year. You can get it in two ways: $20 / year Link back to How to Record Podcasts and talk about the website on your podcast. Each insider gets a FREE 30 minute consultation with me. Ask what you want and I’ll get you the answers. Thanks again! Jeffrey Powers Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal


Shure Lavaliere 183 with RPM 626 XLR In-Line Preamp

Sometimes I do one-on-one interviews with people. While holding a microphone does work, I like to make the experience hands-free. That is why I have 2 lavaliere microphones in my podcast rig. The Shure 183 and 185 with in-line preamp. Shure 183 This lavaliere mic is great for getting the voice without having to stick the mic up by the mouth. The 183 is used on Shure’s wireless microphone pack but I got a deal on just the microphones (which I couldn’t pass up). The microphone has a TA4F connector because it needs to be pre-amped before it can be sent to...


Katie’s Quilting Corner

Name: Katie – Podcast: Katie’s Quilting Corner What is your show about? Quilting, machine embroidery, sewing, quilt guilds Are you a full time podcaster? No. I’m an accountant. I do photography as a hobby too and I also have three corgis that I train dog agility with when I’m not sewing. I play World of Warcraft too. What is your mic rig and recording software? Blue Yeti with a pop filter – it’s small, hooks up to my laptop via USB so I can do mobile interviews quite easily. The sound quality works for what I’m doing which is mostly...