Monthly Archive: July 2013

Add Backlinks to Podcast Show Notes 2

Why Add Backlinks in Podcast Show Notes

Most of us who podcast don’t want to write show notes. We just got done putting the audio or video together and the writing of what happened seems a bit redundant. Unfortunately, podcast show notes are a necessity – it increases our SEO, therefore brings in new consumers. WordPress helps uswith this but we can do more to not only make posts more searchable, but also keep people on our sites longer. Lets take a look at how backlinks can do that. What is a BackLink? A backlink is simply a link going back to another article. I can backlink...


How to Make a Vocal Pop Filter

When you are recording content, you might need to control the vocalist a little – get them away from the microphone or control what are called vocal plosives. A pop filter is one way to do it. Creating one is pretty easy and can be complete once you come back from the craft store. I show you how you can make your own pop filter for podcasting. What is a Vocal Plosive? Say “Bubba”. Now Say “Pappa”. Two more words – “Sassafras” and “Changling”. These are plosive words. when you say them, the B, P, S or Ch sounds will...

Don't Forget Your DeadCat 1

What is a DeadCat?

Do you want a better sound with your microphone? Maybe you need a dead cat! No, don’t go out to the back yard with a bowl of milk, saying “Here kitty, kitty”. A DeadCat is something a little different. What Really is a DeadCat? If you’ve seen a TV crew rig or a boom mic operator over a TV show or movie – or even a documentary crew running behind a state senator asking what possessed him to take pictures on his cellphone, you may have seen a dead cat hover over. A Dead cat is a windscreen for a...