Monthly Archive: August 2014


Voicemeeter Banana Software Mixer for Podcasting, Mix-Minus Skype Interviews

The folks at Voice Meeter have come out with a new version to their audio mixing software for Windows machines. Voice Meeter Banana ver. 2.0.0 adds a few new tricks including 3 hardware inputs, more mastering options and one touch recording right on the interface. Voice Meeter is a Windows based audio software mixer that allows you to use programs such as Skype or Google Voice to mix and record anything from your own music recordings to a two-person podcast interview. The software is donationware so you can download and install now. Add Multiple Soundcards With Voice Meeter Banana you can connect...

Can Your Podcast have an Erratic Schedule? Heck Yes! 1

Can A Podcast Have an Erratic Schedule? HECK YEAH!

If you read any podcast book out there, one thing they’ve told you time and time again is to keep to a schedule. Even YouTube suggests episodic material should be on a scheduled release. But I am here to say that is not necessary. You might be able to have an unscheduled podcast and still have the audience. To do this, I am going to help you condition your audience to expect the podcast that doesn’t happen on a regular interval. Keep in mind you still have to do a show at least once every 14-21 days. Not all Shows Can Follow...