Monthly Archive: September 2014


Pros and Cons: Running Contests to Gain Podcast Audience

The age old question: How do I get more subscribers. One of the subsequent questions: Should I run a contest? Contests are great promotional tools if you promote them right. Contests can bring in new faces but also people just trying to get a free thing. So lets go over contests in podcasting. Does it work? My First Contests I Ran – Summer of Podcasts The first contest I ever ran on Geekazine was for the choice of an iPod mini or Zune back in 2008. I sprang for that purchase and got some great response to the contest. When...


Podcast: What Does the Name Really Mean? Is it Fundimentally Amateur?

Every couple months a new voice shows up asking what podcasting really means. Its a valid question: there are so many shows out there calling themselves podcasts and in all reality they might not be. But what is a real podcast? Is there a magical line that crosses you from podcaster to broadcaster? Leo Laporte Sets TWIT Straight on Podcasting On episode 471 at the 45:00 mark, Leo tells John C. Dvorak, Ben Thompson and Jason Snell his view as to why TWiT is no longer a podcast. It brought a few podcasters back to hear Leo’s reality, which was:...