Monthly Archive: April 2015

Reducing Plosives in Podcasting 2

Reduce the Plosives in Podcasting

Do you hear some weird popping coming from your audio? B’s and P’s sound like someone has lobbed a baseball into the microphone and S sounds make you look for snakes in the room. These are called “Plosives”. They make the microphone embouchure push together so hard it technically “Clips” the sound. Here are two ways you can solve that. First, get further away from the microphone. A windscreen or microphone foam helps slow down the wind of your breath so it doesn’t plosive into the capsule. I made a windscreen using a crochet hoop and this screen material. Some...

Podcast Hacks - OnTab 0

OneTab: Browser Extension to Hold Show Note Tabs

When I do my show, I pull all the web pages up in advance so they are in order. That can cause major slowdown of not only your internet connection but also the computer. With a little chrome extention called “One Tab”, I can press a button and have all tabs taken off and put in a list to be opened when I want. I can even pre-set a list a couple days in advance, then just pull it up when I’m ready to podcast. I have my email, Facebook, Google+, Hootsuite and YouTube tabs set in a locked group...

State of Hashtag #Podcast Social Media 1

The State of #Podcast Hashtag Social Media

With all this talk of Twitter bombing, and how we really use the term “Podcast” in our social media, I was curious how the hashtags in our profession are getting used. I wanted to know if I use #Podcast, will my post be seen more or less in today’s social universe.  Further, I wanted to know if there was a way to spot those who might be abusing the term. The Use of Podcast Hashtags I utilized a free trial of Talkwalker to get an understanding of how hashtags are used. I monitored 30 days of the four important hashtags –...