The 30 Second Promo – Video Recording Tools [Roundtable]

I join Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central on the 14th episode of the TPN roundtable. Todd started to talk about his capture rig – Starting with the GotoMeeting internal recorder. You can go in and set up a recording to record in the GotoMeeting format or Windows Media format.

Geffen Toolbox

geffen toolbox 1080 scaler

Geffen Toolbox 1080 scaler

Todd uses the Geffen Toolbox – a HDMI to ATEM device to do screen capture. You can downscale or upscale to the recorder. The toolbox takes care of the input to screen capture.

New Blubrry Tools

Todd also shows off the new Blubrry stats system. It’s available for premium stats users and will be rolled out to free stats users soon. You can now break down the data to where and who is watching and listening to your content.

Trending data, what their listening to and a lot more.

The 30 Second Promo

I talk about the 30 second promo. This can be the best way to promo who you are and what your show is about. Some key takeaways from this:

  • Use the promo as a business card
  • Ask podcaster friends to swap promos
  • Ask podcaster to promo your show and you’ll promo theirs
  • Work the promo like you would record the show – don’t add anything that is not in the podcast
  • Gives you the opportunity to hone in to your business pitch of what your show is about.
  • The more you can promote yourself – the better

Video is below.

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