8 Great Topic Ideas to Podcast On

Making a podcast is fun, but putting together topics can be a pain. What can you talk about, and worse yet – What topics will bring listeners to your show?

You want to have topics that will keep people interersted in your show. After all, we all cannot get President Obama or Justin Bieber on our shows to talk about what’s going on.

So here are some great topics you can podcast on

  1. Top 5/ Top 10 lists. I used to do a podcasts called “5 Tech Things You Should Know”. The title alone brought traffic to the site. The topic was simple – 5 tech items for the week. Oh yeah – if you don’t make it to 5 or 10, that is ok. Just change the number…
  2. Item 1 vs. Item 2 – Mac vs. PC, Android vs. iPhone, McDonalds vs. Burger King. These shows bring out the positive and the negative of the two items. Make sure you give all points, good and bad. People want to know what is wrong.
  3. A title that brings out your true feelings could drive traffic. If you bought a watch and it doesn’t work right, don’t go on the podcast and talk about what is good about the watch. Call it out – make the title about your feelings. And not just “This watch sucks”. Something like “I talk about this watch which I was extremely dissapointed about”.
  4. A great way to get more listeners is to interview someone that has more listeners. If they promote your podcast, you could bring traffic from their show. I jump on the chance to join someone else’s podcast. On the same token, I will get someone to join me on a show. You will be surprised how many people will jump at the chance to do an interview.
  5. Contests: Win a nice prize. You might not want to give away $100, but people that want to win $100 will listen to your show. Only problem is, they won’t listen for $5, $10 or even $20. You could state “Win $100”, then outline how 5 winners will get $20 for the next 5 shows. That might get them to come back.
  6. Kittens are cute. Puppies are also. A podcast like “Ten of the cutest kitten pictures” could bring kitten lovers abroad. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Kittens. As long as the cute factor is there.
  7. The unknown factor. If you watched the news, you see them dangle the unknown factor in your face all day. At 10 pm, they give you the rest. Maybe it’s even a clip that is a little misleading. For example – If you were podcasting on Charlie Sheen, you could title it “How Tigerblood got in trouble again”.
  8. Leo Laporte does this all the time. If you are live streaming and you have people watching, ask them to title it. They might give you a gem that you would have never thought of.
What other topics get you going? What is your favorite out there you may have run into? Let me know! Twitter me Howtorecordpodc


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