8 Ways to Make Your Old Podcast Episodes Popular Again

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  • Interesting ideas. So you’re getting an increase in listenership/viewership just by updating some of the text on the pages?

    • Yes! It’s all about the keyword sometimes. Think about it – if you did a podcast before the word “podcast” was coined, going back to add “podcast” could drive traffic. Adding an addendum to your show can bring more Google Juice.

      I always try for 200 words. If I cannot do it first time round, I might be able to later.

  • Is there anything special to set up for the RSS feeds of category pages? I tried just typing one of mine using the same format as yours and got a “This webpage is not found” error in Chrome – not even a 404, just a browser error. http://www.qaqn.com/category/geek-dads-weekly/page/3/?feed=rss2

  • There’s a WordPress plugin called Tweet Old Posts that’s great for getting new people to see your old material. It selects posts at random and sends the links out to Twitter. No reason it wouldn’t work for podcast episodes as long as you are using WP for your show.

    • Jeffrey Powers

      Thanks! That is a great addition!

  • Some great ideas. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of List.ly but have set up a top 10 list there thanks to your suggestion. http://www.actorstalkpodcast.com/top10