Why Add Backlinks in Podcast Show Notes

Most of us who podcast don’t want to write show notes. We just got done putting the audio or video together and the writing of what happened seems a bit redundant. Unfortunately, podcast show notes are a necessity – it increases our SEO, therefore brings in new consumers. WordPress helps uswith this but we can do more to not only make posts more searchable, but also keep people on our sites longer. Lets take a look at how backlinks can do that.

What is a BackLink?

A backlink is simply a link going back to another article. I can backlink to this website or another website I run. For example, I could tell you about a great article I wrote on how to add thumbnails to YouTube. You might then select that link either when done reading this one or if this article bores you (which I hope it doesn’t).

I can also backlink to an article on another site such as this cool iPad app called BossJock. I have even made it easy for you to read all these articles by choosing to open in a new window. Either way, I might have kept you on my websites 2-4 times longer than you thought.

Find Backlinks through the linking tool in WordPress

Find Backlinks through the linking tool in WordPress

Should All BackLinks Open to a New Window?

That is personal preference. It does separate regular links from backlinks. It also lets people load up the adjoining articles while finishing the current one. However, new window links can annoy some, so use this option sparingly.

Backlinks in Podcast Show Notes

There are many different ways to do this. In iPad365, I try to put the previous episode link at the bottom. Sometimes I forget and miss out on the back link.

I always make sure my RSS feed, iTunes feed and other applicable links are in my show notes. These links are what bring more subscribers.

Privacy Policy and Footer Backlinks

On the bottom of some show notes, I have a footer and privacy text. For Geek Smack! it reads:

Geek Smack! is a weekly video show and podcast that comes out every Tuesday evening. Your host: Jeffrey Powers – talks tech news, IT news and geek news for the week. Geek Smack! is ©2012 under a Creative Commons no-deriv license. Never take candy from strangers. If you would like more information about what is technology, recent news, Geekazine, and Jeffrey Powers, feel free to contact him. Jeffrey Powers does interviews, just ask!

My footer notes link back to my Creative Commons license and my contact page. Even if no one selects these links, they are noticed by SEO practices. It also adds to my word count.

Ryan Connolly is a GOD! Look at how he backlinks in the show!

Ryan Connolly is a GOD! Look at how he backlinks in the show!

Mention Backlinks in Podcast with Bit.ly

The guys at Film Riot make it easy to check out a previous episode. Whenever Ryan Connolly wants to refer to a previous episode, the team will make a Bit.ly link and promote it on the show. They will try to make it easier to type in by customizing the link to the title.

Rinse and Repeat

By saying “Check out my YouTube page at YouTube.com/geekazine” on the air during multiple episodes can bring more clicks. After all, that one person who wants to go to your YouTube page might have missed the first time you said it, but won’t miss the 2nd, 10th, 100th and more. If they miss you saying it – the link is in the show notes.

Create a Template

If you are switching back and forth between posts, a template might be the way to go. There are two ways to create a template. You can either create a post, then copy – paste that information into the new podcast show note post or you can get a plugin to do it. Simple Post Template plugin will help in that area. I also use the Duplicate Post plugin that will create a new, clean post with the content inside.

Rule of Thumb

Rule of Thumb

Rules of Thumb – Backlinks in Show Notes

Even though you cannot have too many backlinks in an article, you can have too many backlinks in a row. What do I mean by that? Your links need to even out through the text of an article. 1 link per 50 words (for example).

Another thing is to space the backlinks if you are giving multiple choices – make those choices feel like they need to go to one or the other. For example, you want to promote your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS Feed, iTunes and Google + Page. Just reading that line is overwhelming to some. Instead, try it like this:

Contact me at FacebookTwitter

You can also Subscribe to my RSS Feed – iTunes Feed

More video can be found at YouTube.com/geekazine

Advanced users – check out LinkedIn or Google+ page

By adding backlinks, you add more content to your posts and possibly get more subscribers in different areas. You can also get people to stay on your site longer if they easily find content that interests them. Longer times on the site can also entice an advertiser.

Add Backlinks to Podcast Show Notes

Add Backlinks to Podcast Show Notes

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  • Again you have done a great job of explaining why you should always have at least one backlink to some other material on your site. This adds to the highly coveted “Google Juice” that SEO experts are always talking about.

    Keep up the great work!