Add Your Podcast to Stitcher Internet Radio

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They say once you have a podcast set up, you submit the RSS feed to iTunes. That is well and good, but if you don’t also submit it to Stitcher Internet Radio, you are losing out on a big audience.

Stitcher Internet Radio is a way to not only listen to podcasts on your mobile device, but also listen to live radio. Stitcher is designed for mobile phones – iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOS.

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How To Add your Podcast to Stitcher Internet Radio

  1. Go to
  2. On the bottom of the page, under “Content Providers” choose Sign up.
  3. Fill out the information and include the show RSS info. This is also signing you up for partner affiliation and Stitchers stats system.
Stitcher iOS

Stitcher on iOS

Stitcher Internet Radio is connected with Facebook, so you can be social with what you listen to. Let people know when you add a show to your favorites, or when you like a podcast. My favorite part with Stitcher is the favorites list. When one podcast is done, the next gets queued up. If you are working out or on a walk, you can listen to podcasts – one after another.

Many of your favorite podcasts are found on Stitcher Internet Radio. Check out the top lists, then put your favorites into your list. Listen away!

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