Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX: for All Your Podcast Needs [Review]

If you have a podcast where you use two or more mics, then might use a mixer. Recently I have been asked on the Podcasters Community about certain types of mixers. I have suggested the one that I actually have used for over 5 years now. Their latest one I might have to get for their upgrades.

Alesis Multimix 8

Alesis Multimix 8 for Podcasting

Alesis Multimix 8 for Podcasting

The Alesis MultiMix 8 is part of the Multimix series. Mixers from 6 to 16 channels, you can get one to fit your need.

Multimix 8 comes with 4 XLR inputs and 4 1/4 inch (TRS) inputs in shared channels. You can use microphone or instrument cables.

Insert Cables in MultiMix 8

Inserts Alesis

Inserts for effects, compressor

The newer Multimix 8 comes with insert options for lines 1 and 2. With an Insert cable option, you can plug directly into an item such as a compressor or separate effects unit.

There is an overall insert option through the Aux send and return. By controlling via the send dials, you can add an overall compression, EQ or other effect to your mixer’s chain.

USB or Analog Cables

I actually have the MultiMix 8 Firewire mixer. I have used the firewire option when I want to record channels separate. The USB function can do the same thing.

Assign channels in your audio program to multi-mix. This is a great option especially for music recording so you can level out the channels before your final mix-down.

I usually use the Analog connection to a Sound Blaster card. 95% of the time I usually mix two channels – although its nice to have that alternate connection.

It's a little dusty, but this is the Multimix I use - Firewire model

It’s a little dusty, but this is the Multimix I use – Firewire model

Foot Switch Effects – Alesis Multimix 8

Not really needed too much for podcasts, the MultiMix 8 has a foot switch option. This basically will turn off the DSP effects that are built into the board.

If you are a musician, then you want to turn off the echo and reverb when you are not playing a song. Therefore, you use the foot switch to turn on and off the effects as you talk – then sing.

Additions for Your MultiMix 8

If you are going to get the mixer, why not get some extra hardware to make your sound better? Here are some of my recommendations to podcasting better with the MultiMix 8:

  • 4 space SKB case  – To hold the accessories
  • Furman Power Conditioner with Voltmeter – Power conditioner to reduce any power hum and warn if you are stressing out the power outlet
  • DBX 166xs Compressor – To level out your sound, make louder noises softer, softer noises louder and gate out extra background noise.
  • ART 351 – 31 Band EQ – 31 band EQ shapes a sound better than any 3-4 dial system can. You can even take out the 80 Hz pops and 5 kHz hiss without taking out all the high end and low end.
  • HOSA Cables – HOSA is my choice for patch cables. They are inexpensive and can be picked up almost anywhere. HOSA also has all the adapters you can think of.

Within my podcast rig, I have the mixer go out to the compressor, pass through the EQ and come back into the mixer. It’s called “daisy-chaining” the effects and works well to shape sound.

Overall of the MultiMix 8 USB FX

There are a few things I would like to see. The biggest is to have the first 4 channels with all the same knobs, buttons and inserts. The foot switch is a great addition for a musicians’ use. The podcaster doesn’t need all the effects on the board – but its fun to experiment. Still, the effect interface needs to be easier to use for quick switch-overs.

I think the best price of this MultiMix 8 USB FX is the price. At $119, many podcasters can afford this board.

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  • I have looked into these in the past and agree they offer a ton of flexibility.

    One thing I like is the idea of being able to mix and record right from the mixer, (maybe to an external recorder like one of those simple handheld solid state things). But, if something goes wrong and you need to process individual tracks, it will also send independent tracks (8 + 2 for the final mixdown) via USB to your computer.

    Word of caution, though: I’m pretty sure you can only do the 8+2 via USB with the Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 FX. That 2.0 is important 😉