Alexander Neff: Bridge Street Scene

Name: Alexander Neff – Podcast: Bridge Street Scene – Website:

What is your show about?

Local Music

Are you a full time podcaster?

I work in accounting and enjoy playing music.

What is your mic rig and recording software?

Audio-Technica PRO 8HEx Hypercardioid Dynamic headset microphone. We do live recording mostly of singer songwriter acoustic acts and this is great for vocals. Ableton Live, When I first started making music Nine Inch Nails had just put their music out for the fans to remix. It came with a free trial of Ableton Live.

What is the importance of Video vs. Audio?

Audio is most important – I know I listen in my drive to work so Video doesn’t matter at all.

Name 5 other podcasts you listen to:

  1. Smodcast
  2. Smovie Makers
  3. Tell ’em Steve Dame
  4. Fatman on Batman
  5. WTF

Bridge Street Scene

What keeps you going?

We all got really drunk and had a crap ton of fun, but the listening to the podcast later it was a mess and no on e under stood it.

How do you promote your podcast?

Word of Mouth

Do you advertise on your podcast?

Yes. I don’t like it, not sure why, it just feels like selling out.

Is there one person you would like to interview someday?

Kevin Smith, the podcast master.

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