How Your ATR2100 Microphone Can Do More for Your Podcast – Podcast Hacks

Podcast Hacks: Use both the XLR and USB when recording

Its not my favorite microphone, but its a great go-to mic if needed. The ATR2100 from Audio Technica has a unique identity because it is a hybrid microphone – use it as a USB mic or an XLR. But the best part is how you can tap the potenial in this device.

The hybrid microphone can connect up via USB or XLR at the same time. Therefore, you can connect via USB and record your voice on one machine, and also connect to a mixer to record everyone. If you are in a live setting, this mic could then be connected to a PA system.

Maybe do something different. Add effects to the XLR side and have two different microphone sounds ready at your fingertips.

Keep in mind the USB mic is 16-bit recording (16 bits per sample) whereas an XLR mic connected to a mixer might have the option to record 24 or 32-bit depending on what you are using for hardware and software. To an audiophile, the XLR recording will sound a lot better than the USB – but most people won’t know the difference.

Still, you could easily record separate tracks and one altogether. If you run a Google Hangout, each person could record their own voice, then send to be mixed down. You could even get a XLR to USB converter if you don’t want to mess with a mixer.



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