Behringer iStudio Uses iPad for Podcasting

While I was at CES last week I got to catch the Behringer iStudio iPad mixing console. This is a dock that you insert an iPad into and turn it into a small recording unit for music or even podcasting.Also known as the iS202, the device has 2 mic inputs (which can also accept a instrument cable), effects and foot switch controls, Line-in and MIDI with USB midi in and out. The iPad slips in the top of the iStudio where you can load up your favorite software.

Pre-Order the Behringer iStudio iS202

iStudio in Podcasting

Behringer iStudio

Behringer iStudio

Connect up the mics and you can have a portable interview studio. Use it to record audio or to even pass it through to another source for video or streaming.

iStudio as a Video Output

Another cool thing you can do with the iS202 is run your video through the output to connect to a better stereo system. That way you don’t have to listen to the small speaker on the side.

Release Dates of the iStudio IS202

Behringer iS202

Behringer iS202

Problem is the device is a couple months late to market. Part of the problem is the change in connectors of the iPad – from 30 pin to 9 pin. When it does get released, the iStudio will cost $199 for the 30 pin or 9 pin versions.

iStudio is expected to come out by February.

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