Hosts Video Podcasts

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  • todd cochrane

    Could not disagree more. Blip media fed from their rss feed plays back slower than real time. If you use their blip player on your website your ok.. But never ever host a video on blip that you feed to folks on iTunes etc it is a recipe for a bad experience.

  • Blip banned my account without ever explaining why. I searched around a few forums and the only thing I came up with is that I didn’t upload all of the required artwork files (which I didn’t even know were “required” at the time).

  • Sam

    It looks like Blip is catering more and more towards show producers and less towards podcasters. They eliminated audio-only podcasts earlier this year and have clamped down hard on content that isn’t “show”-like. They also stopped allowing file downloads as well. If you’re not making a web series, I would steer clear of Blip.