Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone Review

I spent one week podcasting from the Blue Microphones Nessie USB microphone to get a true feel of how this microphone can work in a podcaster’s or videocaster’s rig. Of course I have always been a big fan of Blue Microphones – USB and XLR versions. So I wasn’t expecting the Nessie to let me down.

And it didn’t.

Blue Microphones Nessie

Blue Microphones Nessie

Blue Microphones Nessie Out of the Box

This microphone is truely a plug and play device. I took it right out of the box, grabbed the USB cable, plugged it into the computer, and started recording. The best part – a mini USB cable that was actually long enough to allow distance from the computer.

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Blue Microphones Nessie

Blue Microphones Nessie

Blue Microphones Nessie – the Good

The microphone performed pretty well in my recordings. The mic is a condenser with Cardoid pattern capturing sound from 20Hz to 20 kHz. What this means is you could also put this microphone in front of a guitar amp and get a decent sound. It also means you can record acoustic guitar and vocals without losing the higher or lower ends.

Since its a condenser microphone, you really should have about 12-16 inches of space away from your mouth.  The Nessie does has a pop-filter if you decide to bring it close.

The Nessie also connects to an iPad Air and uses Bossjock with ease. You will need to get the lightning adapter to connect but

The microphone head has a serpentine adjustable capsule so you can point toward your mouth or an instrument.

A headphone jack is available in the back of the serpentine stand so you can listen to what you are recording or tracking. A dial on the base allows you to turn up the volume if needed.

Blue Microphones Nessie – The Bad

The microphone comes with a mute button on the base. If the mute is on, the base will pulsate a Blue light – solid light if the microphone is active. The button, however, is a swipe sensitive. Therefore, if I brush my hand on the mic, I could easily mute the device while I’m talking.

Another issue is really the stand itself. If the table is too low or you prefer to stand then the Nessie will need to be propped up in some way. That is, unless you want to hold it.

When I was recording one show, I had to prop the Nessie up on a roll of duct tape so it was in a range where I was comfortable and the mic wasn’t too far away.

Blue Nessie

Blue Nessie

Overall: Blue Nessie USB Microphone A Good One to Have

If you use a USB microphone and want something flashy in the frame or if you are a iPad podcaster looking to beef up your sound – especially as a musician the Nessie is a good mic to have around.

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  • curtis206

    Looks like a must have for the intermediate podcaster. I would love to check it out.

  • Love the Blue Yeti Pro I have at work. Would love to have this at home.

  • Mariorzam

    I have yet to try this mic out but based on this review, I’d love to have that opportunity. I currently use the famous atr-2100 but Nessie sounds awesome. Thanks for the info!

  • I’ve been looking for a mic to use with streaming and this came across my radar. Sounds like a very cool mic. I have also been looking at the ATR2100-USB

  • Kristen Mcclary

    I love the fact that it connects to the ipad air makes things a whole lot easier