Should You Buy a Podcasting Pack? We Look at 3 Podcast Rigs

You are planning to podcast. You don’t have any microphones or mixers, so you start looking at podcast packs. But are these really a good deal, or a waste of money. We take a look a couple packs and review their contents. I then put together a rig that is for the serious beginner podcaster.

Behringer Podcaster Firewire Bundle

Behringer Podcasters Firewire Studio

Behringer Podcasters Firewire Studio

  1. Behringer Xenyx 802 8-input mixer
  2. Behringer C1 Microphone
  3. Behringer FCA202 Firewire converter
  4. Behringer HPS3000 headphones

Behringer is an OK brand. For 200 dollars, this would be comparable to getting your child that student model trumpet for violin for band class. If you become serious in podcasting, you will want to move from this setup within weeks.

This also requires you to have a Firewire input on your computer. You can easily bypass the FCA202 and connect the Xynyx 802 to the input on your soundcard. However, some laptop and desktop default sound cards can produce a hum in your recordings. A better option would be a USB connection, simply because all computers have USB inputs. Price: $220

Blue Yeti USB Podcast Rig

Yeti Rig

Yeti Rig

  1. Blue Yeti Microphone
  2. Nady MPF-6 Windscreen
  3. Coby Ear Buds
  4. Coby Headphones

This is a pretty decent USB podcast rig – at least the mic is. The Blue Microphones Yeti is a THX approved microphone. With an adjustable polar pattern, you can use it for one person recording, or get a group around the mic to talk. The Yeti is the best USB microphones out there. However, the rest of these items are not as high-quality. For example, you can get a special Blue windscreen that conforms around the Yeti. The Coby headphones do the job. Not sure why there is two pair, unless one is for the host and the other is for a guest. In that case, there should be some type of headphone amp, right? Price: $150

The How to Record Podcasts Suggested Rig

So I thought I would give you a podcast rig you can really use. It’s not going to be cheap, but it will contain professional podcasting equipment.



How to Record Podcasts Suggested Podcast Rig

  1. Blue Bluebird Microphone $299
  2. Blue Microphones The Pop Filter $45
  3. Alesis MULTIMIX 8USB FX $290
  4. RODE PSA 1 Studio Microphone Boom Arm $99
  5. Blue Microphones The Shock mount $59
This podcast rig is great on many levels. It contains a high end microphone, an 8 channel mixer with USB input, and a pro microphone stand. The Alesis can connect more than one microphone (if needed). You can connect via USB, or use the analog output to connect to the sound card. The pro mic stand is completely adjustable, so you can move it to where you need it. The microphone and wind screen adds a bit of pop protection. The $800 price tag is well worth it for those who actually get serious in podcasting. You can replace the mic and mixer for a USB mic like the Yeti to save some cash.
What can you put together for a podcast rig? Let us know @howtorecordpodc


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