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6 steps to make your podcast audio sound awesome 2

6 Steps to Make Your Podcast Audio Sound Awesome

Want people to listen to your podcast? To do that, you not only need good content, but also a good sounding podcast. Even in video podcasts it’s more about the audio. And using a program like “Levelator” might work OK, there are going to be times your audio suffers, even if you don’t hear it. So I put together 6 steps to making your audio sound its best. Ready for the fun and some learning? Let’s go! 1. Vocal Track EQ Get it done right the first time and you will have great audio every time. Equalizing your audio and...

vmb 0

Voicemeeter Banana Software Mixer for Podcasting, Mix-Minus Skype Interviews

The folks at Voice Meeter have come out with a new version to their audio mixing software for Windows machines. Voice Meeter Banana ver. 2.0.0 adds a few new tricks including 3 hardware inputs, more mastering options and one touch recording right on the interface. Voice Meeter is a Windows based audio software mixer that allows you to use programs such as Skype or Google Voice to mix and record anything from your own music recordings to a two-person podcast interview. The software is donationware so you can download and install now. Add Multiple Soundcards With Voice Meeter Banana you can connect...

remove-the-bounce 1

How to Remove the Bounce In Your Podcast Studio

I was just on the community forums and someone was asking about room control for podcasting. As a musician, I’ve seen it all. Foam, egg cartons, carpeting, and more on the walls.  But what is the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing way to do it? I remember one time I went to a friends house to lay down some drum tracks. We weaved through the house into the basement to a room stuffed in the back corner. He opened the door to a room filled with burlap hung from the ceiling and floor. The burlap had couch foam inside it and...

Time to Clean Your Podcast Gear 0

Time to Clean Your Podcast Gear! How to Improve Microphone Contacts

Not too many people think about it, but after a few years of podcasting, I understand the importance of keeping the gear cleaned up. Especially if you run a mixer with effects rack. The realization of doing this post actually hit me two-fold. In the last couple weeks I noticed an issue in my gear where I would hear some static come through. I also talked with someone about the Behringer MDX compressor where people have noted problems while recording. I look at my mixer and it does have a layer of dust on the surface. The plugs face up...

video-for-audio-podcasts 1

Video Software to Record Audio Podcasts – Premiere Pro, Sony Movie Studio, iMovie

I got a message from a friend who said he had a program die on him. He was trying to figure out why the podcast software was not working (it wouldn’t render) but asked me if there was other software he could use in the interim to get a podcast out. I knew he did video as well, so I just suggested “why not use the video software?” He agreed and successfully got his podcast out. He then found the problem with his audio software (bad .dll) and didn’t miss any deadline. I started thinking about this: which is the...

Monoprice-615808 0

Monoprice 8-Channel Mixer

[slider] [/slider] Over on Geekazine I talked about the Monoprice 615808 mixing console. This is a sub – $100 8-channel mixer that is small enough to be portable and good for any home podcaster. The mixer has an auxilary output that will turn channel 5/6 or 7/8 into an effects channel. The Monoprice 615808 mixer also has phantom power to +48 for any microphone that needs it. I used my MXL FR-351 microphone to capture some room recordings to it. With a compressor/gate, you can get some really good results. I also talked about the USB port in the mixer...

How to Record in 24-bit Audio 1

Switch to 24 bit Audio in Windows [How To]

In podcasting, most people just plug in a microphone and start recording. While the end result is good with you, others might notice differences. “Audiophiles” are people with a finely-tuned ears. They can hear imperfections you might not be able to. The biggest complaint of audiophiles is the sound of the audio after it gets compressed even to 128 kbps. Recording a show in the highest quality helps when you finalize your podcast. We’re going to look at how you can record your RAW files at high quality so you can make the best sounding show possible. The Difference Between...

Use Sony Music Studio for Podcasting 0

Using Sony Acid Music Studio 9 for Podcasts

I have been using Sony products for podcasting ever since I started. The price is right ($50-100), it works better than Audacity and I have many options for expansion and creating templates. Best yet – I’ve been using this product for over 10 years to not only make podcasts, but also record music tracks for podcasts and other needs. Back in May, I created a how-to video on using Sony Acid 9.0. This first video introduces you to Sony Acid and how you can use it to build a podcast. It’s part of a series, which I spent the summer...

podcast-Multiple-location 5

Podcast with Hosts in Multiple Locations

There are a lot of podcasts out there where the hosts are not in the same room. Some are not even in the same state or even country. “Skyping in a podcast” is one way to have guests and hosts on a show. There are also other great options for audio and video podcasts that could improve quality. With my show This Week in Google Glass, co-host Luke Wallace is in Texas while I’m in Wisconsin. Every week we connect up and record with minimal issue. Especially nowadays when there are multiple ways to connect and communicate. Here are some...

Make-Pop-Filter 0

How to Make a Vocal Pop Filter

When you are recording content, you might need to control the vocalist a little – get them away from the microphone or control what are called vocal plosives. A pop filter is one way to do it. Creating one is pretty easy and can be complete once you come back from the craft store. I show you how you can make your own pop filter for podcasting. What is a Vocal Plosive? Say “Bubba”. Now Say “Pappa”. Two more words – “Sassafras” and “Changling”. These are plosive words. when you say them, the B, P, S or Ch sounds will...

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