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Could Your Podcast Get You Fired From Your Job?

You love what you do so much that you decide to either podcast about or get on other podcasts to talk about, your passion. It’s a great gig until you make one little slip-up. Next thing you know, you’re in the HR office as someone else is clearing your desk. It happens in Social Media – Situations where someone is fired for saying or doing something that works against their job. A couple cases where the person is fired even before their first day of work. The First Podcaster Ever to Get Fired For It? In the book: Tricks of the...


FilmOn.TV is Selling Your Podcast

Last night I was informed a website – – is selling your podcast for .99 cents or more. The website states you can watch local channels in the US and Canada. However, digging deeper, we found an area that has hundreds of podcasts for sale in HD. The website’s front page has several TV channels — from sports, kids stuff and movies to music in different genres. The social area allows you to do one-on-one video chats or broadcasts. This service is also available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices through apps. Who / What is FilmOn?


This Royalty Free Album Isn’t Really Royalty Free

I try to look for music that I can use for my audio and video podcasts. Earlier this year, I bought an album to add to my royalty free music list – called 75 Full True Royalties Free Song (From Chillout to Techno Free Use Music Album). I looked at a couple sources and it said this was royalty free music. Two weeks ago, I decided to use a couple tracks from this library for a new production. The songs were great and they fit in. I was happy with the results and finalized the video for upload to sources...