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Using Headphones While You Podcast?

You might have seen some people wearing some big headphones while they record their shows. Others seem to not be wearing them at all. Lets go down on the skinny of headphones while podcasting. Why Wear Headphones? You basically avoid bleed-through. When you use speakers, the microphone might just pick up the sound and send it back through. That causes a feedback loop. We don’t want that when we podcast, so headphones are a good alternative. Get Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD at Amazon Headphones or Ear Buds? The idea is to seal out any sound coming in. The answer...

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What is a Podcast?

You might think: I have heard podcasts, and I have heard of podcasting, but what is this all about? Well, that is what we are going to explore at How to Record Podcasts. A Podcast is simply a show you get on the internet. No other way to put it. However you record your show – audio, video, or smoke signals. A podcast allows you to express your views and opinions, or even report what is going on in the world. Podcasts can be one minute in length, or 2 hours. There have been podcast marathons, where people sit recording for...