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Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone Review

I spent one week podcasting from the Blue Microphones Nessie USB microphone to get a true feel of how this microphone can work in a podcaster’s or videocaster’s rig. Of course I have always been a big fan of Blue Microphones – USB and XLR versions. So I wasn’t expecting the Nessie to let me down. And it didn’t. Blue Microphones Nessie Out of the Box This microphone is truely a plug and play device. I took it right out of the box, grabbed the USB cable, plugged it into the computer, and started recording. The best part – a...


MXL’s Mobile Media to Bring Podcasters Awesome Microphones

I got a chance to talk with Perry Goldstein of MXL Microphones and their newest direction — mobile media. They wanted to put out a line of microphones for podcasters and videographers that will connect to any mobile device and give you high-quality sound. Analog vs. Digital connector Perry noted they couldn’t focus on digital connectors, due to the fact each device is different. They wanted to have a microphone that will connect and work every time. Therefore, they chose to use the 3.5 mm (1/8″) 3-pole headphone jack to connect the microphones up. Along with audio capture apps, this...


Podcast Microphone Smackdown: Audio Technica ATR2100 vs. ATR2500

Over on Geekazine, I brought in a comparison of the ATR2100 and ATR2500 microphones from Audio-Technica. These are sub-$100 microphones you can use on your podcast. They both connect to a PC or iPad for use with Bossjock, Garageband or another podcasting app. The full video review is below. Which microphone do you use? Will you switch? Let me know! Get the Audio-Technica ATR2100 at B&H Get the Audio-Technica ATR2500 at B&H Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

Don't Forget Your DeadCat 1

What is a DeadCat?

Do you want a better sound with your microphone? Maybe you need a dead cat! No, don’t go out to the back yard with a bowl of milk, saying “Here kitty, kitty”. A DeadCat is something a little different. What Really is a DeadCat? If you’ve seen a TV crew rig or a boom mic operator over a TV show or movie – or even a documentary crew running behind a state senator asking what possessed him to take pictures on his cellphone, you may have seen a dead cat hover over. A Dead cat is a windscreen for a...

Audio-Technica-ATR2100-HTRP 2

Audio Technica ATR 2100 USB/XLR Hybrid Microphone

A few weeks ago on the Podcasters Community, I was hearing about this microphone for podcasting. At first glance I blew it off, but with more podcasters talking about it, I thought I would get the microphone and check it out. I am talking about the Audio Technica ATR2100 microphone. About the Audio Technica ATR2100 USB/XLR Hybrid Microphone At first glance, it is a standard cardioid mic. No different than any dynamic stage microphone. However, when you turn the microphone around, you start to see the difference and the multi-use of this mic. Simply put, the bottom houses a XLR...


How to Ditch the Microphone in Podcasting (Sort of)

A lot of podcasters will sit down in front of a big microphone and plant their face in the windscreen. When you are doing a video stream with the podcast, people might just see you from the nose-up. Some people feel intimidated with this; others don’t know where to position themselves when they podcast or just want to get rid of that big, bulky microphone. So how do you do it? Is the Mic a Form of Stature? There are some microphones that scream to be in front of your face. Whether its the classic mic like this Golden Age...

Record Podcasts with Multiple USB Microphones 6

Use Multiple USB Microphones to Record [How to]

When I consult podcasters that want to use 2 or mor microphones for podcasting, I recommend a mixer like the Alesis MultiMix 8. Sometimes the podcaster doesn’t want to deal with anything more than what a USB mic has to offer. So they ask if you can connect more than one USB mic to your computer to record. The answer is you can  with a little bit of work at the beginning How USB Microphones Work Normally by plugging in a USB microphone you are turning that sound device into the primary. The secondary or tertiary sound source is not...


Cheap vs. Expensive Microphones: Which to Use for Podcasts

As a lifelong musician I’ve played through a lot of instruments, used a lot of microphones, recorded on a ton of devices and listened through a plethora of headphones. From those dollar store specials to items costing upwards to $2,000 – especially microphones (As I did an article on the most expensive microphones a few months back). Any budget will tell you that sometimes you have to cut a corner. The biggest question I get asked is if they should go cheap or expensive. There are microphones you can get for $30-40 that have a good sound to them for a...


MXL 550 / 551R Combo for Vocals, Overhead Vocals and more

If you want to make a quick upgrade to your podcast rig and don’t have that much money; consider the MXL 550/551R series microphone. I have used the combo mics before in the 990/991 series and they do a great job getting a voice across. About the MXL 550/551 series microphone The 550/551 series are cardioid polar microphones that record a range from 30Hz to 20 kHz. Both are pressure gradient condenser microphones – which will give a good bass boost if only a few centimeters away from the sound source. The 551 can work as an overhead microphone for...


Shure Lavaliere 183 with RPM 626 XLR In-Line Preamp

Sometimes I do one-on-one interviews with people. While holding a microphone does work, I like to make the experience hands-free. That is why I have 2 lavaliere microphones in my podcast rig. The Shure 183 and 185 with in-line preamp. Shure 183 This lavaliere mic is great for getting the voice without having to stick the mic up by the mouth. The 183 is used on Shure’s wireless microphone pack but I got a deal on just the microphones (which I couldn’t pass up). The microphone has a TA4F connector because it needs to be pre-amped before it can be sent to...