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How Winamp’s Demise Hurts Podcasters

Update: There is a rumor that Microsoft may be bidding to acquire Nullsoft, Winamp and Shoutcast.  For most of us early podcasters, we either knew about or applied Winamp for our shows. The Shoutcast service allowed us to put together a playlist and send it out via our Internet connections. However, AOL has decided to shutter Nullsoft and the once popular Winamp service. So what do podcasters do now? What (was) Winamp? Winamp started in 1997 as an alternative player to the horrible media players that Windows and Mac put out. It would play audio files the others wouldn’t. You could...

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Should I Buy the iPad or iPad Mini for Podcasting?

Since the release of the iPad Mini, choosing between Apple tablets has become more difficult. Latest sales figures shows the iPad Mini is selling well – even better than some industry insiders expected. If you are buying an iPad for your podcast or video podcast efforts, which one should you choose – The iPad or iPad mini? iPad 4 Pros – 4K Resolution, Twice the Processor For amazingly sharp images and text, the newest generation of iPad is hard to beat. The 9.7-inch Retina Display is perfect for browsing the web, viewing photos and watching movies. The 2048×1536 resolution is sharper...