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Podcast: What Does the Name Really Mean? Is it Fundimentally Amateur?

Every couple months a new voice shows up asking what podcasting really means. Its a valid question: there are so many shows out there calling themselves podcasts and in all reality they might not be. But what is a real podcast? Is there a magical line that crosses you from podcaster to broadcaster? Leo Laporte Sets TWIT Straight on Podcasting On episode 471 at the 45:00 mark, Leo tells John C. Dvorak, Ben Thompson and Jason Snell his view as to why TWiT is no longer a podcast. It brought a few podcasters back to hear Leo’s reality, which was:...

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Podcast Jokes to Make You Laugh

We all have to make ribs to what we do. Musician jokes, doctor jokes, lawyer jokes and others on the internet. But what about podcasters? Lets look at some jokes you can make at your (or a podcaster friends’ ) expense… What did the podcaster say to their audience?  – Is anybody out there? What is the difference between a podcaster and a savings bond? – One will mature Who is a podcaster’s best and only friend? -Mike (mic) If a Podcaster falls in the woods, will someone finally listen to them? How many podcasters does it take to change a lightbulb?...

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Checklist: Prepare Your Computer for Podcasting or Being a Guest on a Podcast

Got an email from a user saying they had a problem with their show when they streamed it. Everything would start fine but then the stream would freeze and their shows were ruined. I have actually had that happen to me several times over the years. Especially if you use one computer for everything (which most people do). There are many different ways to make sure your show doesn’t stall when recording or streaming. I put together a checklist you should run to prepare for your best (audio or video) foot forward. Even if you are a guest on a...

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iTunes Podcast Stations: Create Podcast Playlists, Stations

With the addition of iTunes 11.1, you also have the opportunity to get your Podcasts in order by creating Podcast lists that sync between your different programs. iPad, iPhone and even iTunes on Mac or Windows will now be able to share your lists so you don’t have to re-create them. A great tool for you to keep your podcasts synced and also set up so your subscriptions don’t stop downloading. I would like to suggest Apple add a “Share” option so people can share their playlists with others. Otherwise, just like with iTunes Radio – your playlists come with...

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Sponsorship: What’s Your Podcast Worth?

If I was to put together the top ten questions I get asked, this would be one of them. You’ve been podcasting for a while and the cost of doing it needs to be covered. Maybe you’re not in it to make a million (which you shouldn’t be) but you definitely want to treat the family to a steak dinner every month. Where do you start? Do you give everyone a flat rate and hope someone bites? Once you get a sponsor, how do you keep them? Important Keys to Getting a Podcast Sponsor   Before You Continue – Read...

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