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Information about video camera equipment for podcasts

Padcaster Studio 1

Padcaster Studio Rig: Turn iPad into Mobile Studio

It’s so awesome that we can turn something like an iPad into a full recording studio. I remember a few years ago at CES we found out how the OWLE turned an iPhone into a camera. Now Padcaster is doing the same thing with your iPad on the Padcaster rig. Sponsored by:Free Trial of GotoMyPC for 30 Days! About the PadCaster The PadCaster is an outer shell that your iPad fits into. The Padcaster is a lightweight aluminum frame with threaded holes to put lights, microphones and other items needed for recording a show. Use the Lenscaster to attach different lenses...

BlackMagic Intensity Extreme 0

BlackMagic Intensity Extreme for Video Through Thunderbolt

Earlier this year I bought the BlackMagic Intensity Extreme to connect my HDMI camera to the computer. I use this configuration a lot for my weekly Geek Smack! podcast to live events that I need to use 2-3 cameras. Connecting is easy – Camera to BlackMagic to Macbook Pro. The Thunderbolt port allows for seamless capture right into Wirecast. Additional breakout cables can even allow me to connect other devices. The Pros of BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Best part is I can connect an HD camera to Wirecast using the Thunderbolt technology. With this connection, I can utilize the zoom features...


Sony Bloggie Camcorder Perfect For Quick Video Stream over WiFi

With companies like Flip and Kodak out of the picture (no pun intended), it’s getting more difficult to find a sub-$200 video camera for the podcaster to take last minute shots. Sure, you can use your phone, but what if someone tries to call when you are getting your picture recorded of you and the President of the United States? Pretty much ruined at that point. Sony is still making personal cameras. The Sony Bloggie Live can not only do that, but connect it up to a wifi source and you can live stream via Qik. Within the hour, all your...