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Tube Buddy Tutorials: Help Automate and Improve Your YouTube Experience

I am very happy with YouTube. It’s a great service that not only hosts my videos, but pays me monthly for them! Further, if you really work the channels, you can easily get people to come back and consume more. I spend 5-10 hours a month simply communicating and it always pays off. I find there are a few places where YouTube feels a little bit antiquated. One area is Annotations and Cards – I really wanted a way to copy the basic cards and annotations across the 1,100 videos I’ve already created. That is how I started my search...

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YouTube Adding Tip Jar, Crowdsource Captions, and More at VidCon

Last week was VidCon – a conference for Internet Video creators. A great way for people to network and learn how to make their videos better. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was on hand and announced a bunch of great goodies for content creators. Fan Subtitles If you have fans that are willing to help, why not have them translate or transcribe a video. Turning this into a major wiki or crowdsource project, the fan subtitles option encourages people to help you expand your reach with subtitles in different languages. Hopefully, there will be some type of lockdown for those who...

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Sony Movie Studio 13 Adds Touchscreen Usability, 4K Video

Last month, Sony creative software updated their Movie Studio software to version 13. With it, added codecs to produce a 4K video experience (along with 3D stereoscopic video), and the ability to better use Movie Studio with touchscreen enabled computers and tablets. Some items were added and removed, we’re going to go through the list and talk about the updates Sony Movie Studio comes in 3 Versions – Standard, Platinum and Suite. You can also step up to Sony’s professional video software Acid Movie Maker software, but for a video podcaster, Movie Studio might all you really need to put together...

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Run a Question and Answer Google Hangout – Use Cameraman Plugin

On Wednesday, I ran a question and answer show to help people with podcasting. A few people asked how I did that. I further got some email asking how a Q&A session could be achieved. I put together this how to video on using Hangouts to answer questions. I also bring in another plugin for Hangouts called Cameraman – being able to loose the Hangout look. Along with Wirecast as a camera you could put together a show and nobody would know its a hangout. How to Run a Question and Answer Show with Hangouts – Adding the Cameraman Plugin

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YouTube Royalty Free Music – Tracks You Can Use Even if You Are Not Publishing to YouTube

It gets frustrating when you finally find a track that you want in your podcast and then find out that track has some type of copyright. Even in my rant about Royalty Free Music we find that even though the album says it, music isn’t always royalty free. YouTube wants to help us with this problem. They just released 150 tracks that are completely free to use for your podcasts, YouTube videos, movie productions, screencasts and many more projects. Within these 150 tracks include Rock, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Hip-hop, Country and more. Best part – they download at 320 kbps MP3...

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Correcting Audio, Video After the Podcast is Recorded

I have equipment that helps with audio and video when I record the podcast. Some times I look at that video or audio and realize it’s not looking as great as I wanted it to. For instance, I just recorded an episode of iPad365, and the video was not level. That is when you have to use your eyes and ears to make those ever slight changes to your video and audio. These changes will give final depth and feel to what you are getting across. Making these changes are also a reason why I like using a video and...

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Makeup – Should I Wear It for my Video Podcast?

Remember that scene from Batman (the Michael Keaton version) where the news reporters couldn’t wear makeup because the Joker poisoned certain perfumes and soaps? Boy, those newscasters looked pretty ratty. Now, flash forward to 2012, where news is being reported without the use of makeup at all. It’s called Video Podcasting, and we’re doing it au natural on the web. But should we be thinking about looking pretty for the web community? Whenever I prepare for a show, I usually do one thing to clean up for the show: I take a shower. It’s not as much the clean factor,...

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Wirecast Turns Computer into TV Production Studio

Wirecast Tutorials Now Available! If you do video podcasting, you may find recording, then post-producing content can be a lot of work. However, if you have software that allows you to produce as you go, then you simply record the show and send off. No post production needed – your graphics are already inserted. So how do you do that? With a program like Telestream’s Wirecast. This is a program that will turn your PC or Mac into a TV production studio. Wirecast sets up scenes using a choice of cameras (webcams and video cameras using 3rd party hardware), graphics...

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Rode VideoMic Pro ShotGun Mic for Quieter Room Interviews

Some podcasters don’t want to carry microphones with them. When they get the chance, they will use a Shotgun mic with their camcorder and camera. The microphone is directional – it is designed to get audio from whatever is in front of the mic and ignore what is behind it. Røde is a Ultra compact and lightweight shotgun mic that a lot of professionals like to use for voice recording. It has a Supercardiod polar pattern, a 2 step high pass filter, and a 3-position lever control. You can place the Røde VideoMic on top of the camera, or on a...