Cool Garage Sale Podcast Purchases Edirol, M-Audio

I love to garage sale. You never know what you can get for a great discount. Yesterday was a perfect example. I walked up to a box that said, “Everything in this box, $20”. What I saw on top made the purchase worth it.


Edirol UA-4fx Podcast Mixing Module

Edirol UA-4fx Vocal mic/instrument to USB

This first item is the Edirol UA-4fx vocal/instrument mixer. It has some great features to it. You can plug a microphone or instrument into this mixer and record in 24-bit. The mixer has an effects mode and even a tube simulator for great audio control.  Set to master to record your podcast: include noise suppression in this program. Playback mode allows you to hear what you just recorded through the headphone jack.

I was testing this out and it was going way past my expectations. I plugged in a ribbon microphone (which needs phantom power) and it worked! Line in and Line out jacks allow you to bring in other items – maybe an iPod full of music. Edirol also has a digital audio in and out to connect up to your TV or stereo system.

The Edirol UA-4fx is discontinued and does not have an updated model. Roland (Edirol’s parent company) offers the Roland Tri-Capture and Roland Quad-Capture, which can give you 4 inputs for recording. There are no internal effects, but both give you 24-bit 192kHz recordings.

This older Edirol is still a great find. I see eBay purchases around $65 for this older device.

M-Audio FastTrack

M-Audio FastTrack mic or instrument interface

M-Audio FastTrack

Although the M-Audio FastTrack didn’t have as many features as the Edirol, I could see using this device in a compact podcast mode. FastTrack is made for those musicians that want to practice guitar licks or do quick recording of vocals.

One thing to remember: This is the older version of the FastTrackThe newer version supports phantom powered microphones and has more options included. So while this FastTrack is good, the newer one works a lot better.

The updated FastTrack is $120 in stores. This older model sells for $30 on ebay.

Not a bad find for a portable podcast studio. One more notable item in the $20 garage sale box was an ATI All-in-Wonder USB TV tuner for PC. Ultimately, this $20 box could net me over $150 in resale value. However, I am going to use these pieces for portable podcast studio equipment.

Audio of Both Edirol UA-4fx and M-Audio FastTrack Below

I put together a quick MP3 testing out the microphone and instrument features of both.

Photos of Edirol UA-4fx and M-Audio FastTrack

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  • Norbert Davis

    Great find Jeff; and the size makes it seem like a great portable mixer for those time that you need to record on the go and you don’t want to bring your main mixer with you. Have you thought of doing a segment on “Podcasting on the Go”?

    We both have recorded dozens of times while traveling. I have used the MXL Studio 1 USB microphone numerous times while traveling over the last year and a half ( and I love it for it’s simplicity and portability. It also came with a protective travel case.