Corporation for Public Podcasting Pt 2: A Good Company Invests in their Podcast

In CPP Part 1, I talked about getting the podcast started. I discussed getting a position description and setting rules and expectations to the show. The guidelines are one of the most important parts of putting the podcast together. So now we move onto the 2nd important part – getting your company invested in the podcast itself.

Have the Job Invest in the Podcast

Have the Job Invest in the Podcast

Make the Job Invest in this Podcast

Last week I heard of a person who is making a podcast for their job. They are packing up their own equipment, then setting up shop at the job to podcast. Once done, they pack their stuff up and head home.

When the company doesn’t have any money in the podcast, they treat it as such. Its as important to them as the tchotchke you might have sitting on your desk. If your company puts no money into a project, the expectation is not great.

Create a Budget

Create a Budget

Create a Yearly Budget

It might sound intimidating but if you set a budget for gear, space and the show, your job will take the podcast more serious. Even if you ask for a few hundred dollars for equipment to buy a microphone, iPad and app to podcast with, it’s the companies’ money and therefore the company will want to keep an eye on their investment.

Think of creating a “Setup budget” for year 1 and a yearly budget thereafter. Assume your equipment will last you 2-3 years without need for upgrade (unless you move from audio to video). Case in point – a Blue Yeti USB Microphone is only $99.99 at the time of this post. The Blue Yeti USB /XLR Pro is $249.00 (because you can connect to a mixer or use the USB functionality). This microphone is a top seller because it works well and doesn’t break the bank.

In addition, if your podcast is to be sent out to the general public, then make sure you have budget for advertising – like a Google ad or Facebook sponsor ad. You can do a lot with a $200 ad buy budget to promote a show.

Website Hosting, Podcast Getting its Own Domain Name

If your podcast is for the world to hear, then make sure it’s accessible to the world. A lot of companies can spare disk space on a server so you can store the podcasts and make the RSS feeds for iTunes. However, add to your budget a yearly fee for a podcast statistic program and even a Domain name for your show. Even if its www.[YourCompany Name] 

That can increase SEO on your companies website. Make sure you can show that in the yearly reports.

Get Space for Your Podcast

Get Space for Your Podcast

Get a Physical Space for Your Podcast

Don’t expect getting an office to turn into a studio. You might just get an empty cubicle to do the show in. The more important part is making your company carve out a spot for podcasting.

This is another way to vest interest in this podcast. It also gives the boss a visual so it keeps in their mind. If the mixer, microphone and computer are out in a cubicle and the boss sees you podcasting from it, they might not question its validity – especially when you are not around to defend it.

Get Podcast Logos Made

Every small business I worked at had at least one person who was the graphic designer. Have them design the iTunes art – even if your show is not going to be in iTunes. Have the web master put the image on the corporate Internet / Intranet with links to the media. Print out a banner that might hang in the cubicle, in the break room or wherever you need to remind employees there is a podcast. The more people see it, the better.


Make and giveaway some swag

Make and giveaway some swag

Maybe Some Giveaway SWAG….

Even if this is an internal podcast, everyone likes to get something for free. If the company makes swag for tradeshows or giveaways, approach the person in charge and ask to get some of those items – especially coffee cups and T-shirts.

Ask and budget for a few items with the podcast logo printed up. Then during your show, ask a question – win a cup. Draw a name from everyone who responds and get a T-shirt. If the winners are internal, you can walk the swag to their desks, or have them come on the show for a 2 minute Q&A.

Summary: The Company Invests in the Podcast

Keeping the crowd interactive – no matter who the crowd is –  will show. Result: a good boss will see the value of  the podcast. The equipment will always be at the job and not interfere with your regular duties because it will have its own space. Even if you are a small office, this line of communication can be ten times more powerful than any newsletter or memo. So don’t be shy in asking for a few dollars to make this podcast happen.

Corporation for Public Podcasting - The Company Invests in the Podcast

Corporation for Public Podcasting – The Company Invests in the Podcast

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