How to Record Podcasts on Your iPad

When we started this crazy podcast thing, we had bulky microphones, big computers and clunky software. Times have changed. Now, we have iPads and all the means to record a podcast with it.

My iPad Podcast – Hotel Walkthrough

Whenever I go on a trip, I do a hotel walkthrough. Before it was a lot of work. Now, I can pick up my iPad and walk around a hotel taking video and mixing it down to upload.

I purchased iMovie for iOS which allows me to create video, mix together and even put music behind. I can do a hotel walk-through in a matter of minutes. It gives me time to focus on the reason why I am in the hotel – to find the hot tub!

Microphones for iPad

You can use many different types of microphone for your iPad. You can even use the built-in microphone (as I do in the walk-through). A lot of people use the iPhone headphones to record. They work well and most times give you a great sound.

USB Microphones

Samson Meteor Mic

Samson Meteor Mic

With a 30-pin to USB adaptor, you can connect a few USB microphones to your iPad. Blue Microphone Spark is a great example. It is a higher quality microphone, sits on the table and looks professional. Samson has the Meteor Mic which is priced right and looks good.

4-Pole Converter

The 4-pole converter is a device that plugs into your headphone jack and lets you use a 1/8″ or XLR microphone. You might still need phantom power on the mic. It also works if you want to plug the iPad into a mixer.

Podcasting Software for iPad

I talked about using web-based Spreaker software on your iPad. That is an easy way to do it. It’s also dependent on your internet connection. You can get Garage Band for iPad, as well as or Ustream apps. With GarageBand, you can add music and other effects.

With a little bit of ingenuity, you can create podcasts right from your iPad. It might not be the best sounding or looking shows. If people are watching and listening, it could be worth it. No bulky mixers or computers anymore.

Podcast on Garageband for iPad

It is possible to create a podcast using the iPad app put out by Apple. You can edit your recording or add music and effects to your podcast then turn around and upload it to iCloud or send it to your Mac to finalize and put up on your servers. You can even record bits and pieces, then send it to another program like iMovie if you want to turn to video.

Video Podcasts: YouTube Capture – uStream Record – iMovie – Hangouts on Air – iENG

Google just put out an app called YouTube Capture where you can create video then upload straight to their servers. iMovie will let you mix down then send to YouTube or your iCloud account.

A couple months ago on my iPad365 show I talked about iENG – an app that lets you collect video from your iPhone or iPad to send to an FTP site so someone can edit later.

uStream will allow you to stream live video to viewers. You can choose to record the stream for later playback or download so you can put it into an editor. The iPad (or other iOS device) could be propped so you can get a more stabilized video. Using the 4-pole converter (mentioned above) you can get decent audio while recording in a noisy room.

Hangouts on Air not only allow you to get an interview recorded but also give you a panel that can ask questions or add comments to your show. This is really dependent on how your Internet connection is but can really be fun and add a newer level of interview style to your podcast.

There are other stream and video recording options that can be used. Check with the app store and see what new programs are popping up. The most important idea is that you can always get an interview recorded and you can definitely record a podcast when you are not at home. It might not be in the ideal situation and the audio might not be perfect. Still you can get that hard-hitting podcast or keep your podcast schedule so you can build audience.

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