Create a Set of Podcast Cheat Sheets

Podcast Hack: Cheat Sheets Keep Your Show Running Smooth

Most podcasters set up a structure to the show and follow that from week to week. Here is an idea to help remember your structure and even help keep you from rambling.

Create a simple podcast notes cheat sheet. In it, you have all your intro and outtro scripts, along with any sections you want to add and talk about. I use it for Wearable Today podcast. I created the cheat sheet on Google docs and add a lot of content that myself and other hosts can look at or even read along.

If your podcasts seem to run long, you could put timestamps on each section indicating the length. Have a clock close by to keep track and know when you are going over.

I put scripted sections into my notes, but you can also use bullet points so you don’t forget key words while recording the show.

Simple script notes can help anyone’s podcast go a little smoother. With it on Google Docs, you can share with not only the other hosts, but also your audience.

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