Day 1: Listen to Your Podcast – Find the Problems [How To]

Welcome to day 1 of the Podcast Madness – 31 days to improve your podcast.

Today, we’re going to keep it simple. More important – we’re going to make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses in your show. The only way to improve your podcast is to understand your podcast.

Sit Down and Listen to Your Show with NO DISTRACTIONS

Listen to Your Podcast Audience

Listen to Your Podcast

I am shocked to find out how many podcasters have never listened to their own shows. Either that or they listen to the first 2-3 minutes and turn it off. I try to make a habit of listening to my shows (entire episode) at least once a month. Some shows I do less than that.

Here is what you need to do

  • Find a room that you will not be bothered.
  • DO NOT take your phone, tablet, computer, or anything else that will disturb you. Take only the device that you intend to listen to your podcast with. 
  • Take a pad of paper. Put a line down the paper about 2 inches from the left. Mark the left side “Time” and the right side “Issue”.
  • Listen to your show. When you feel there was a problem with what you did or said, mark down the time and the issue. Leave space for comments
  • Listen with your headphones in, then listen through the speaker. You might hear issues from one but not the other.
  • When you are done, review the notes. Write in how you could have done the issue better.

Ask a Friend to Listen With You

Listen to your podcast

Ask a friend to listen to your shows and give feedback

Last week I found out something about my podcast. I say “Or something like that” a lot. That feedback came from Jennifer, my girlfriend. She listened while I was recording and said that when I am flustered on talking about an article, I say that phrase. 

I went back to previous episodes and sure enough, that term was littered in there. ACK!

Apply the Information in Your Podcast

Best part is: It’s an easy fix! By the next episode I was able to avoid that term! How? I simply gave myself little reminders.

I remember an old idea to get me motivated to do something. Simply tape a piece of paper up stating what you want to do. In this case it was the word “Explain”. This reminds me to not glaze over a piece of information.

Six Weeks to Regain Audience

Remember: It takes one episode to lose a listener. It takes 7 episodes to bring a new one in. Applying your new ideas can bring in audience as little as 6-7 shows. That is usually six weeks.

Another thing to watch is time listened. If your fixes are applied, people might just listen longer. If your show is 20 minutes and you have 100 listeners, you should have 2,000 listen minutes. Anything less than 1,500 (15 minutes, or 75% of the show) should be a concern.

Listen and apply: watch that stat change!

Listen, Critique and Apply to your podcast

Listen, Critique and Apply to your podcast

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