Day 10: Make and Sell a Book or Product for Your Podcast

Art is making something out of nothing and selling it. – Frank Zappa

Before we go any further, I am letting you know this post is for the serious podcaster. If you are a weekend warrior that does not want to make profit on your shows, then you might want to come back tomorrow.

With that said…

Buy My Stuff

Buy My Stuff

Why Will Selling Something Bring You Audience?

According to State of the News Media (1), only one quarter listens to podcasts – 9% are active in the podcasting area (they will interact and listen to multiple shows). That means 3/4ths of Americans alone do not even think of listening to a podcast.

By bringing another aspect into your show, you have a physical item that people can rally around. It could be an e-book or even a regular book. Maybe you make a song or album. Artwork or crafts are also great items to have. I know someone that is making necklaces and earrings to sell.

Most important – they are yours and not some affiliate marketing code.

Write a Book

Write a Book

Do you Know How Many People Read Books?

Book reading is on the rise. Sure, there are stats about people who don’t read after college or those who don’t even step into a bookstore or library. However, there is a stat from Pew Internet that says 21% report they have read an e-book in the past year. Up 4% from 2011.

There is a reason why we have a New York Times best seller list. These lists are divide up to many categories and do include e-books. Could you imagine making this list with an e-book? How much exposure would that bring you?

In the 7 Often Overlooked Reasons to Write a Book, they talk about how you improve your skills, show your discipline  gain a perspective and much more. I am going to add one more thing. It’s called an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). I look at it similar to a diploma – if you have one (no matter where it’s from) you have a form of credibility.

Currently, I am working on my own book.


CafePress Makes it Easy to Sell T-Shirts, Mugs and More

If you don’t have the capital to create inventory to sell then you should head over to a service like Cafepress. Make some cool t-shirts, coffee mugs or something like that. Once you have an awesome idea; promote it!

If you go this route, make sure you have good content. It may take several tries to find that winning design people want to buy.

Other things to sell – Memberships

With crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, if you back the project you get something in return (like the product or another perk). You can easily create a membership package that includes things like a bumper sticker, personal reading that is not posted on your website and other forms of swag.

Make crafts to sell during your podcast

Make crafts to sell during your podcast

Make Crafts for Podcasts

If your podcast is a music one, why not make some guitar pick earrings or guitar string bracelets. Paint, script a poem, create a quilt, make a montage and more. These are easy things to sell.

You can sell on Etsy, Amazon, CD Baby (for music) and more. You can also use Paypal to setup a storefront and sell from there.

With the right product you might find more people discovering your podcast. It sounds weird – but remember this keyword search:

  1. People search 3.7 billion times monthly for books
  2. crafts – 13.6 million
  3. music – 226 million
  4. t-shirts – 20.4 million
  5. People search 5 million times monthly for podcast

– Google AdWords Keyword tool

Do you want people to find you? Do you think the keyword “podcast” is going to do it? Well, I suppose eventually it will. Remember – a book not only gives better search results, but you also will be listed in major bookstores, Amazon and other book – related results. You might even get a book tour or called upon to talk about the contents of your book.

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Sell something on your podcast

Sell something on your podcast

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