Day 15: Adding YouTube to Your Podcast

Have you been resisting the YouTube factor? Your podcast is audio – why should it be on YouTube? Well, your podcast doesn’t exactly need to be on YouTube – but YOU should be. We’ll talk about how your traffic can increase if you utilize and promote a Youtube channel with your podcast.



YouTube is a Top Search Engine

I have to preface this section by saying there seems to be a strategic change happening . Google+ and YouTube may become synonymous in the months or years to come. I believe that with the two, they will take 2 spots in the top search engines lists.

Nonetheless, YouTube still hits the top 10 alternative search engine lists. It’s a proprietary eponym for video – Which means that you might not say “video” anymore but you say “Did you see that YouTube video”? Or simply just “YouTube” it.

What to Put On Your YouTube Page

If you don’t want to put your audio podcast on video, that is ok. There are other things you can YouTube. It doesn’t have to be family videos or anything. It can be simple bits and pieces that come from your smartphone or tablet. Using a simple iPhone or Android video program will allow you to upload video to YouTube.

Do some citizen reporting. Take some video of a sunset or trees blowing in the wind. If you go to that new hotspot in your hometown, take some video and post it.

Putting information into your YouTube Page can bring backlinks to your website

Putting information into your YouTube Page can bring backlinks to your website

Fill Out All Fields in YouTube – Keep in Good Standings and Rewards will Happen

You don’t even need to talk about your podcast. Just make sure you have filled out everything on YouTube and add graphics that catch people’s eyes. Then make at least one video a week or more.

How to Put Your Audio Podcast on YouTube

  • Mac – Open iMovie, import the MP3 file and your podcast artwork. If you are savvy, then set it up to flip between different images every few seconds. You can set up iMovie so the next week all you have to do it put in your audio file then repeat the process. Save and upload straight to YouTube. 
  • Windows – Same thing as Mac, except you’re using Windows Movie Maker (for Windows 8 you have to download and install).
  • You can do the same thing with any video creation software – Vegas, Movie Maker, Premier Pro, Final Cut, etc.
  • Advanced – Get a webcam (I suggest the Logitech HD Webcam C920). Record video on a separate computer while doing your podcast (You can use any of the software mentioned above or use the software that comes with Logitech). Upload the video file to YouTube.

Make sure you fill out the description area. Also, if you have the ability to link back to your website, then put the link in the notes.

Making money with your podcast

Making money with your podcast

YouTube Makes You Money For Years After!

I run a lot of 90-day sponsor ads. That means after 90 days my sponsor doesn’t pay for the video anymore. However, if I have ads turned on my YouTube channel, I can monetize that video for years to come. It might make 1-2 cents per month. Hundreds of videos making a penny or a dollar a month can add up.

Better yet – when you are done with your regular campaign, make sure the YouTube version of your video shows up on your pages. If anything, people will start subscribing to your channel and those videos will continue to monetize.

You have to be approved to put ads on your pages. If you stay in good standing and post regular content, YouTube will notice and get you that status ASAP.

Making a Second Video for YouTube?

Sometimes there are sponsors that pay via download and I cannot report my YouTube traffic. If this is the case, I will create a second version of a video and remove the sponsor. I will not replace the sponsor spot with another because that would not be fair. It does take a little extra time, but if you put a system together it’s just a few mouse clicks to make a second version (and processing time).

Check Out the Copyright – Open a Couple Videos to the Public

There are two copyright options in YouTube. Standard Copyright and Fair Use on YouTube. The second one lets other YouTube artists re-mix your content. Setting a couple of your videos to a more open copyright may get them to talk about you and your podcast. The more subscribers, the larger audience to promote to.

YouTube Videos are Google+ and Facebook Friendly

It’s easy to click on and watch a YouTube video than go to a webpage and click on the play button. YouTube also works in many other social networks. Watching a video in Tumblr, on someone else’s blog, StumbleUpon, Reddit or more is really straightforward.

Pinterest has an option when you post a YouTube video it will actually POST the video on their page. That means the viewer can watch your video right on Pinterests’ page.

If you have a social bar on your page, you might be able to add youTube to the bar. Wibya is a good example. They have a widget to add your YouTube videos on the bottom.

Promote Your YouTube Channel, Too!

Remember – put the YouTube channel on your Blog in the widgets. YouTube has a great widget maker so you can get more subscribers. Let your website work for your YouTube as much as YouTube works for your Website.

Also make people aware you have a YouTube channel. I send a automatic tweet once a month asking to subscribe. This month’s tweet actually went out yesterday and I got 3 people to re-tweet the post without asking. Pretty cool – thanks to all who did!

In Summary…

Using YouTube adds a new level of search to your show – even if you don’t upload your podcasts to your channel. You can upload an audio podcast with a little creative edge. By staying in good standing with YouTube you can add monetization to your videos – which over time could net you some cash. Your podcast (or any video) is easily sharable on multiple social networks and you can get a lot of great backlinks to your website.

Add YouTube to Your Podcast

Add YouTube to Your Podcast

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