Day 17: Should You Change the Name of Your Podcast

It happens – you run with a podcast name and after ideas change which make you realize the name doesn’t work anymore. Just recently, Todd Cochrane of renamed his morning show to “The New Media Show”.  It fit the new format of the show and made sense.

I have renamed podcasts – including my flagship show to Geek Smack!


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Why Change a Podcast Name?

There are many reasons to change a name. Maybe your show has changed. Maybe the name is not catching people’s eye.

Changing the name gives a show new life. Add in new artwork and new intros and you might get invigorated to continue on with your show.

Get Listener Feedback Before a Name Change

This is a great way to get an audience involved. Maybe have a name change contest. Listen to the suggestions and make the change.

Does Someone Have the Name Already?

One thing you want to make sure is if another podcast has the same name. Check with iTunes, do internet searches and even check (for Podfaded shows).  Make sure your not getting into a bad name podcast.

Using the Same RSS Feed

The best part is you can keep your iTunes feed if you do it right. The audio version of iPad365 is the RSS I used for a previous show – 5 Tech Things You Should Know. Anyone that had the feed in their readers would start getting the new show.

You shouldn’t change your RSS unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise you might have to start all over again. if the New Name Doesn’t Work?

Can you go back to the old name? Might not be the best answer. What about moving to a new name? If you want to continue on with your show – yes.

Its best to make a calculated decision on your name so you can build it properly. If you change the name, change the look and feel, too.

Change the Name of Your Podcast

Change the Name of Your Podcast

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