Day 2: Show Prep Routines [How-to]

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What type of show prep do you perform on podcast days? Do you put together news from the web? Do you research and write down a script which you talk through? What do you do to get focused?

Show prep routines can be vital to a better podcast. If you are done putting a show together and you are exhausted, then your show could suffer. Sometimes it just takes a few extra steps to get you refreshed so when it’s time to do your podcast you are not fading. Let’s look at a few ways to make a better show prep

Prep the Day Before


One day before Geek Smack! I spend an hour getting the show notes together. I like to get about 5-10 links ready to use – even if I don’t use them. Searches on Reddit, and more can really help and I can take a second run at the articles I talk about to make sure I have facts covered.

If you write script to your show, putting together the first paragraph and outline can get you started or not make you feel overwhelmed when it’s time to write. I have written many articles and I know this process really helps get my juices going when I am ready to sit and write.

In the Day in Tech History podcast – I wrote the scripts years ago. I still take time to update with last year’s information, along with updating the posts to add new information and grow the podcast.

Ask One Person to Help – Not Everyone

Most of us ask for help on our shows. You might have tried the Reddit approach – set up a channel and hope someone would contribute. That might work for some; others sit with empty pages and no email.

I find it better to single out a person and ask for their help. Jennifer (my girlfriend) sends me geeky stuff all the time. I wouldn’t ask her to find tech articles because that is not her interest.

A couple years ago I had Norbert Davis on the shows. I suggested he do a quick 2 minute segment on cool tech during Geek Smack! He did that for a couple months and it worked pretty well.

Sometimes when one person decides to leave, another fan steps up.

Knowing someone that understands what you podcast about can help give you content.

Showers and Door Jams


I remember reading an article that says if you have to get something from another room that when you cross the doorway, you could forget what you went to get. Why? Because each room has their own Chi – when you enter that room that can bring a series of other thoughts. Going into the bedroom (for example) could make you think of taking a nap. Going into the kitchen could make you feel hungry.

That is why they call a bathroom the “Thinking room”.

By taking 5 minutes and moving to another room could refresh you and get your juices going. When ready, come back to your post and do your podcast.


On the same token, taking a shower has been known for you to feel better. Even washing hands and face can give you a sense of wiping the day’s problems away. A ten minute shower can focus you to podcast and makes you look and smell clean when podcasting.

Food and Drink? Probably Not


You don’t want to be hungry yet you also don’t want to be full. Eating before a show can make you burp more. Same thing with drinking anything other than water. If you do a video show, full stomachs can show in the camera.

Best thing to do – have a glass of water and a small snack that subsides the hunger for your show. Because you are not full, you are also not bloated. Get your show done and that dinner will taste a lot better.

Clean the Space

Something about not seeing your clutter while podcasting can be postitive. Less cluttered desks means feeling proud of your show.

My podcast area stays clean. Sometimes the clutter gets in and I have to make sure its not seen in the camera shot. Nobody wants to see your garbage in the background.

Even a made-up bed is better than a messy one. It doesn’t take much to straighten the sheets and comforter.

Other Show Prep Routines

Whats your prep routine consist of? Does it help your podcast when you are in your routine? Let me know by commenting below!

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Show Prep Routines –




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