Day 3: Podcast Bitrate – Should You Increase [How To]

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  • Andrew Hellmich

    Thanks for the article – helpful for me as a new podcaster.

    I’ve been recording at 64kbps but just changed to 96kbps after a little research.

    To be honest, I can’t hear the difference? Should I be the judge or should I be asking my audience or just go back to 64kbps for the smaller file size?

    Keen to hear your thoughts.

    • Best thing to do is encode in 96 and 64. Then put the two side by side to listen. That might help.

      • Andrew Hellmich

        Ok, thanks – I’ll give it a try.

  • There is another thing to consider. I do a spoken word podcast with very little music and none that’s in stereo to begin with. So, while I use iTunes to encode at 128kbps the original WAV file I encode is converted to mono before I encode to mp3. This actually results in a 64kbps mp3 file that is smaller by half than those in the calculations in the article. For my content, the sound is not impacted by going mono. No matter what bitrate you choose, consider your content and determine if mono might be an option to allow for smaller files with higher quality.

    • Mono is nice but it’s just like using an off-bitrate. Older devices might have an issue playing the media. Some flash players will get confused.