Day 4: Thank Your Podcast Fans [How To]

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Sometimes you have to give back to your audience. It’s important to let them know they are special. Just like Gary Vaynerchuck once said:

It’s not the number of followers you have or “likes” you get, it’s the strength of the bond with your followers.

That was Gary talking about social media but it also pertains to a podcast audience. So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can thank your fans.

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Hi, What’s Your Name?



This can be the toughest part of podcasting. You see people are downloading your show. The stats say there is an audience but where are they? Whats their name? Where do they live (besides in the country you podcast from )?

It doesn’t matter if your audience uses Windows or Macs if you don’t have their names.

Start simple. Find out their names – even if it’s just Joe in Alabama. With that, you can make them feel special simply by saying their name on the show.

Welcome to the show and especially to Joe from Alabama, Mary from DC and Bill from Florida.

Do Contests Work?

Do Contests bring fans

Do Contests bring fans

Contests can bring out not only the fans but also those people that just want a free item. Still, you get some names that could become an evangelist to your podcast.

Let’s say you run a contest and give away an iPad mini. You get 1,000 names – yet your podcast download stats show 250-300 a week. You know that 2/3rds of that list are people that don’t consume your show. You might get 50-100 people that start consuming your show, which is a good thing.

Still, you have 125-250 names on that list that could be your fan base. If you can get 5 names from that to start making them feel better by thanking them on the show, they could start to respond.

Give Your Audience a voice – Even if they don’t give one to you.

Chat, Email, Call

Add a podcast episode to your email signature

Make sure they can contact you.

I see many shows run a live stream and a chat room for that stream. When someone enters in the chat room they acknowledge that person and welcome them in – just like they were welcoming them in their homes.

If someone emails you, acknowledge that. If they chat, respond. The only time you don’t is if they become trolls and you have to ban them.

Give them a Gift

Give a gift

Give a gift

It might not be an iPad but you could easily give them a gift envelope. Maybe a bumper sticker of your show. Find some .25 cent swag you can send via mail. You might find more people coming over for their stickers.

Heck, it might also be as easy as giving them a $5 gift certificate to an affiliate (if you have one and if you don’t, then go get one). Sometimes when you talk to your affiliate you can ask for a couple free vouchers to give away. So it doesn’t even cost you money to give a fan special attention.

Make the Show More Personal

It’s about your audience. If they walk away from your show, they might not come back. Make them feel you are thinking of them. Make them feel you care .Care about your audience.

Thank your Fans

Thank your Fans

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