Day 6: Sit or Stand – The Ergonomics of Podcasting [How To]

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Catch a breath. Build your diaphragm. The way you sit or stand can help you with your podcasts. It can help you sound better and it can make you healthier. Today we’re going to talk about sitting and standing for your podcast – you can do both and still be able to do it.

What musicians do when recording vocals

If you ever went to a recording studio, you would see most vocalists standing when they go to record their parts. The reason is straightforward – you want the lungs to not be obstructed. Coughing, acid reflux and more can obstruct the vocals.

Sit or Stand during podcasts?

Sit or Stand during podcasts?

Radio Personalities Sit

This is another professional that uses the mic in daily use. A lot of radio hosts sit while running their shows. Few do stand.

Advantages of Standing

There are a lot of health implications to standing – especially if you sit all day. Standing not only helps your circulatory system but also changes the way you deliver a podcast.

I sit when I record Day in Tech History since I’m at the desktop. However, I stand when I do Geek Smack! or iPad365. I get a sense of more energy when I am standing.

Building strength in your legs while podcasting can help you live longer.

Standing while podcasting

Standing while podcasting


Are there Advantages of Sitting While Podcasting?

The biggest advantage is to really get off your feet. You can gain some vocal breath if you are ergonomic in your sitting – sit up straight with your computer monitor at eye level.

What Do You Prefer? Sit or Stand?

Do you notice a difference in sitting or standing while podcasting? Share your stories with us!

Sit or Stand - Ergonomics of podcasting

Sit or Stand – Ergonomics of podcasting

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