Day 8: 7 Website Tips to Make it Podcast Friendly

Its important for a podcaster to make people subscribe or consume the content they create. Whether audio or video you want the focus of the website to be your content. So let’s take a look at some things you can do to tweak your website to focus on the podcast.

1. Is Your Podcast Before or After Your Post?

Where is that enclosure for your podcast? Is it on the top of the post or the bottom? Why the bottom?

If you want people to read the content first, then put your podcast on the bottom of the post. If you want more people to click on the audio or video, put the content on the top.

Its important to have your podcast with at least 100 words in the post. That promotes a good SEO (if you have keywords set). Make Google catalog your podcast but give the audience your content the first thing they see.

If using Blubrry Powerpress, simply go to Settings – Media Appearance. Choose Display media and links to above page content. 

Podcast is on top and link bar to the side. Two ways to increase traffic

Podcast is on top and link bar to the side. Two ways to increase traffic

2. Link Sidebar – Even on Home Page

In WordPress, I use the Alternate Digg Digg sidebar. This is that bar which follows you through the post. I make sure Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and (especially) Pinterest are on it.

Here is the kicker – make sure this sidebar is ALSO on the home page. I put the bar on the right side for home page and left for the post. The end result – more people “like” my posts and also +1 them. Pinterest becomes a great way to get people to your show.

3. RSS, iTunes, More

It’s so important to put a link to iTunes, your RSS and other favorite locations where they can subscribe to your podcast. Should always be on the top-right hand corner or in the sidebar toward the top. Make sure it links to your Podcast RSS – not your general RSS (if different). Otherwise people will get posts with no media enclosures.

My friends at have “How to Subscribe” right on the top of the page! Inside you can link to iTunes, Zune, RSS and more.

4. Contact Information

Email, phone number, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. If you’re on it, you should have it on the top of your website. Have it in 2-3 different places. Never give people a reason they cannot contact you.

If  you need a phone # – try Google Voice. You can get a number for free. There are other free phone services you can get if you look for them.

5. Pictures Explain it All creates captions on their pages. creates captions on their pages.

A couple months ago I wrote an article called Add your own Thumbnails to YouTube. Even if you don’t use YouTube for your podcasts, you can really learn from the idea. By making a special image that explains what the video is about, you can really gain audience (or at least get them curious to watch or listen).

By putting a specially made set of photos on the top, you will see people get you are a podcast and this is your content.

It also is suggested to put in 3-4 pictures in a post (if you can). Viewers want visual entertainment. If your website is not visually stimulating, it won’t keep people from coming back.

6. Mobile-Friendly

Just like any other website, you need to make sure your web theme is mobile-ready. If not, you will have to use a 3rd party program to do that. I use WPtouch plugin with a few tweaks.

There are two types of phones out there – those which can display a full website and those which need a smaller file size version.

7. Look Like Your Having Fun

Does Geekazine look a lot more fun?

Does Geekazine look a lot more fun?

I just re-launched Geekazine with a new theme. I like it a lot better because it feels a little more fun. The pictures on the top of the page show who I’ve met. They are happy pictures so my site starts off with a smile.

The other part of the site shows the media – ready to play. Ads are on the page but not invasive. The page is spaced pretty well.

All 7 of these ideas can be used and applied on most websites. There are many other website tips you can do to improve your traffic. The biggest tip is to watch others and learn what they do. Rinse and repeat – you might find a cool way to do it and start a new trend.

Make podcast friendly websites

Make podcast friendly websites

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