Dear Windows 8: Podcasts Are Important, Too!

The other day, Microsoft posted on the built-in apps for upcoming release of Windows 8. Conspicuously missing was an area for podcasts. Even in their “Music” section there was no play for podcasts.

Why are Podcasts Getting Pushed Out?

It seems every week podcasters have to defend their jobs by telling someone like Microsoft or Apple that podcasting is still important. No wonder we see the occasional “Podcasts are dead” post – they’re getting the vibe from the companies that are pushing podcasts away.

Podcasts Are Still Important

It’s really simple: The voice of the people. Some try to follow guidelines of mainstream media while others turn it into alternative talk show. Some even extend their Man-cave or Woman-cave by rallying their audiences.

Are We Afraid of the Word “Podcast”?

It’s not a personal brand. Although it’s mostly associated by mainstream to Apple iPods (like search is associated to “Google”), I would guess that Microsoft wouldn’t want that stigma on their brand. Alas, the general public has finally grasped the idea of a podcast so changing the name

What a built-in podcast icon in Windows 8 could look like (Microsoft – you are free to use this)

Call to Action: Let Microsoft Know Podcasts Are Important in Windows 8

The article above – Updating our built-in apps for Windows8 – needs to show we are adamant about having a podcast section. I see a bunch of people have made their voice heard by commenting below.

Whether podcasts get their own app or the music section has a dedicated podcast area; it needs to be stated. As one comment stated:

Regarding the Podcasting support requests:

I’m hoping the upcoming changes from Zune to Xbox Music(?) will bring in the almost perfect podcast subscription model from the Zune client.  I’ve been using that for years. Love it.

– Will Brown

Please head over to the article and let people know you care! Please give them examples and names in your comment. If you just say “I want podcasting” that could be passed over. But if you say “I listen to Joe’s show on this type of podcast,” that puts a name and meaning to adding podcasts.

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