These Five Tips to Podcast Are All You Need

Want to become a successful podcaster? ME TOO!

The reality is: success is what you make it. There are no magic steps. There are definitely plans to podcasting – from building a decent system, to publishing with artwork, an interactive webpage, and more.

The more important thing – even though podcasting is over 10 years old, the podcast medium is ever-expanding. In fact, I asked a group what they thought we would see in podcasts in the next 5-10 years.

Would holographic podcasts come into play? Will we switch formats – MP3 or MP4 to some new codec that puts out 320 kbps and 4k video in a few megabyte file.

What about your successful podcast? Will the Scandal podcast, or the Big Bang Theory podcast still be around in 5 years? What will Chris Hardwick do now that Walking Dead is in its final season?

Do you want to podcast? Good. Go do it. Get some tips on how to build a podcast business plan, but most important are these five tips that will help in your podcast efforts.

5. There Are No Rules to Podcasting

The definition of a podcast is to have an audio, video, PDF or ePub in an enclosure of an RSS feed and syndicate it. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

What would happen if RSS feeds went away? Would you still be podcasting? If you publish on YouTube – are you still a podcaster?

The reality is (and I need a little help from Robin Thicke): It’s all Blurred LINES… You know you want to… podcast your passion…

Podcasting has changed since 2004 when most shows were chained to a desk and had a 16 channel mixing board connected to the line-in jack of the desktop computer.

4. Its Your Show. Be Yourself


Christopher Walken shows you have to be Yourself.

Let your freak flag fly. Be who you want to be. Power to the people and all that jazz…

You can have a structure to a show. But as the architects would always say – make sure you have enough fire exits and bathrooms.

Why bathrooms? Well, you do have to get through that last level of Candy Crush and check your Facebook timeline. No better place to think than that one.

3. Do What You Feel Comfortable

If you want to look or sound like Brian Williams on the NBC Evening News, then go for it! If you want to stand and tell jokes like Jimmy Fallon or Joel McHale, then go for it!

Some podcasters bring in others via Skype or have them come to their house. I just talked to a wanna-be podcaster who will be sitting around the table with his friends talking about Asian cinema.

Sometimes doing something different than the expected can make for an awesome show. Just look at the Epic Meal Time guys. Now they have their own cable show!

2. Keep it Simple

There is only one real way to make a wheel. Whether rubber, stone, wood, or titanium alloy, it has to be round to work right.

You can definitely step out of your boundaries to do something special – an interview of a celeb for example. At the end of the day its just you and the microphone. So bring it home.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a couple cats in the show…

1. Love What You Do.

You know the saying – 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Same thing goes with podcasting.

No. Not marriage or divorce. 50 percent of podcasters fade. Except that number can be a lot higher.

Some shows don’t make it to episode 3. Others say they’re “On Hiatus”, but never come back.

A fellow podcaster had a great show. It got enough traffic where he could have made some decent money from. But in July of 2010, he said he’s taking a small break from the show. Next thing I knew, the website was down – followed by the domain being owned by some cybersquatter.

If you love it, it will last. If you don’t – well the world needs podcast listeners, too!

In summary: There is no magic formula. There is a plan and hard work. There is a passion to do what you want. There is a simplicity that people like. If you have these passions, then get your podcast rolling!

Five Podcast Tips You Ever Need

Five Podcast Tips You Ever Need

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