Using GarageBand to Record a Podcast

Garage Band Podacst

I created a quick podcast using GarageBand

In the ever-growing world of podcasting, artists are striving to make a lifestyle easier for themselves. A large portion of the podcast community is focused solely around recording, and recording techniques. One valuable recording technique that is important for every rising podcaster to know is the ability to use amples and loop files within their show. This can save on time in the recording process while also creating an interesting effect within the show.

Luckily, technology is helping podcasters more and more to get this desired effect. Computer programs such as GarageBand are easy to use and can create a great sound that is professional. GarageBand is a simple recording application that allows podcasters to input vocals into scenes they set up.

How to Podcast with GarageBand

  • Open the application, and start a new project. Choose the “Podcast” option.
  • Import audio for your intro and outtro, along with any sound effects or other music you may want to use.
  • Set up your microphone to record your actual podcast
  • When done, use GarageBand to edit your audio file. If you stumbled over a section and re-started the show, you can easily remove the spot
  • Move the intro, outtro and other files in place to encase your audio
  • In Podcast mode, the audio files have an automatic ducking – the volume of the track will reduce when the primary tracks have sound.
I recorded a quick podcast using GarageBand. Check it out below!
Recording tracks on GarageBand

Recording tracks on GarageBand

GarageBand is also very useful for the fact it provides users with free midi loop files that anyone can use in their shows. These loops and DJ samples usally run anywhere from 1-8 measures long, and can easily be moved throughout the show on the recording screen. With literally hundreds of midi loops to choose from (in all different styles and genres of music), the possibilities are limitless in how you put together a podcast.

Along with this feature, GarageBand also provides you with over one hundred inputted instruments that you can record using either the on-screen keyboard or a musical keyboard connected to USB.

Garageband comes free with purchase of a mac. So go ahead and podcast away with GarageBand. If you use this software, let us know! Twitter: @RecordAPodcast

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