GoDaddy Shutting Down Podcast Service Quick Blog Cast

I just received confirmation that has decided to shutter a few services due to lack of interest. One of those services is called “Quick Blog Cast” which is an easy site building tool for bloggers and podcasters. As GoDaddy stated:

Sometimes we discover there is no longer a high demand for certain products. This is the case with the product(s) listed below. Each will be discontinued on June 25, 2014

Quick Blog Cast allowed for easy posting without worrying on the backend too much. You could set up a theme style and color scheme then post content right away.

Quick Blog Cast was launched in 2007 when they combined Quick Blog and Quick Podcast together.

Other services GoDaddy is shuttering include: SmartSpace, InstantPage, For Sale and Starter Pages. 


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  • Jeff

    One of the reasons we selected go daddy 4 years ago for our businesses was the one stop shop with common look and feel templates across our blogs, websites and shopping carts. We will certainly move away from go daddy for all our blogs. What is next quick shopping cart?

  • Bob Keith a.k.a. the Dadio

    Had sang Godaddy’s praises for years. What a MySpace move. Note to info world. Never anger a guy who buys ink by the barrel and has a radio show. They will be berated ad naueam by the Dadio. and radio clinic.