Hang a Picture for Sound Control in #Podcasting

Most rooms in our houses consist of drywall or paneling. Some floors are even wood and that can cause some very interesting audio bounces when you are podcasting.

If you don’t want to put up sound foam or egg cartons, Try a canvas frame! You can get these at the craft store for only a few dollars and they will stop the bounce just as easy as the expensive foam.

Canvas paintings can also be found at places like Goodwill or your local Re-Store. That is, if you don’t want to paint anything.

If you have windows, put curtains around them. Another trick is to open your closet and put your podcast desk on the other side. Then simply talk into the closet where all your clothes will act as sound material.

Podcast Hack #9 - Hang Canvas Frames for Sound Control

Podcast Hack #9 – Hang Canvas Frames for Sound Control

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