Helpouts Expert – Get Help With Your Podcast

I have been helping podcasters for a couple months now using Google Helpouts. This is a great way for you to improve your podcast or even start a podcast. I have been podcasting for over 6 years now – along with creating shows in audio and video format for almost 20 years.

I started podcasting in 2005 with local music shows. When I started Geekazine, my first show was the flagship podcast for Geekazine, now called “Geek Smack!“. I also run a daily podcast in “Day in Tech History“. I wanted to delve into the iPad, so I created a show called “iPad365” and just recently I started “This Week in Google Glass” which highlights news from Google Glass.

I am also the community leader at the Podcaster community on Google+ where you can get help from many podcasters. Finally, I set up and run podcasts for Fortune 500 companies.

As a podcast coach, you can find my articles on podcasting at I can help you with pretty much anything in podcasting. From starting a podcast, microphone selection, show notes, putting your show in iTunes, hosting and much more.
Beginners to advanced podcasters, video-casters and screencasters. Even Vloggers and YouTube channels.
  • We can plan your show
  • Discuss Microphones for your podcast
  • Extra audio equipment – from mixers to EQ, compressors and more
  • How to put together a powerful podcast
  • Adding YouTube to the mix
  • Streaming a podcast
  • Bringing in guests via Skype, Hangouts or another means
  • Editing software to make you sound your best
  • Webcam or pro camera – what should you use

Meet Jeffrey

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– Podcaster for over 6 years

– Audio technician for 10 years
– Video podcaster for over 5 years
– Podcast coach since 2011
– Podcast for Fortune 500 companies