Increase Your Twitter Followers for Your Podcast

In my consultants, I seem to get this question all the time about 3-6 months into their podcasts. How do I increase Twitter followers for my podcast so my Twitter numbers grow?

I remember working my Twitter account pretty hard in the first couple years of Geekazine. When I added @Dayintechhist and @ipad365 I did the same practice techniques, but still @geekazine was my primary Twitter. By time I registered @RecordAPodcast (for HTRP), I kinda let the account work on its own. A mistake I am working on fixing.

Twitter reports hundreds of millions of Tweets a day. 554 million have Twitter accounts that Tweet almost 10,000 tweets a second. Not as impressive as how news can get out. Remember – Twitter had Bin Laden’s death before President Obama could report it. 14.8 billion tweets on his death that day.

So how do you get your brand across this network? Lets look at some practices for your Podcast’s Twitter handle.

Should you Make Separate Twitter Accounts for Your Podcast?



Yes! If anything for your brand. Someday you may decide to sell or give your podcast to another. You can also give them the Twitter handle. They may grow it all different and that Twitter could become gold.

You don’t want squatters taking over your brand anyway. You can at least keep a Twitter account dormant to when you want it to work for you. By linking to auto post options (I talk about below) you can have content show up on your Twitter account.

Another reason why is because some people look and link to handles that interest them. You never know when a link brings in 20-100 followers. Even if you have 20 followers, your word gets out to 20 people on a weekly basis!

If you have 2-3 people that are part of the podcast, they should also have access to Twitter and should Tweet at least once a week. Maybe even tweet important parts while you are recording the show.

Add Twitter Plugins to Your Blog

Use Twitterfeed to broadcast latest podcasts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Use Twitterfeed to broadcast latest podcasts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

I use a plugin called Social to send my blog posts across Twitter and Facebook. If anything, it makes sure my Twitter handle has all the latest articles.

If you don’t use WordPress, you can use a free service like Twitterfeed to push your RSS to Twitter and Facebook accounts. Just input your RSS feed and allow Twitter to connect. You can choose to check the feed every hour to 24 hours.

Another option is creating a social network paper. is one service that will collect Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, then put it into an easy to read paper format.

Don’t Forget Twitter Links

You should be adding links on top of your website and within your show notes posts. I just talked about this in Why Add Backlinks in Podcast Show Notes. Note how I have them separated in 1-2 choices.

Adding Hashtags and Twitter Mentions in Your Posts

A lot of people say you should use hashtags sparingly. I agree. One or two hashtags are acceptable. If you decide to #Write #All #With #Hashtags, people might get turned off.

A good example would be this post – The post will most likely look like this:

Increase Your @Twitter Followers for Your #Podcast – [link]

I also included a mention. While @Twitter might not be the best option, mentioning someone with a few hundred followers might notice and even re-tweet your post.

Example: You are doing a podcast interview. Don’t forget to add their Twitter handle in the post. If you get information from another person, include their Twitter.

This Week in Google Glass, me and @Lukeluca talk about privacy of Glass. I report on @Woz and his first experience with #Glass

That Tweet might get noticed on two Twitter profiles. The hashtag might be searched or added to a Google Glass paper or Flipboard channel.

HootSuite for RSS to Twitter, Facebook and Google+



I pay $10 a month for this service because it automates a lot of my posts. The best part about Hootsuite is the ability to cross-post on Google+ pages – along with Twitter and Facebook.

You can also schedule tweets, or when you create a post, you can cross-post between more than one social network. For example, this post will be seen on @RecordAPodcast and @Geekazine. I schedule this tweet once a month:

Don’t forget to #subscribe to @RecordAPodcast Twitter to find out how to record #podcasts!

All my networks are found in one spot. I can flip back and forth really easy to find out who responded to me.

I have an affiliate for Hootsuite which comes with a free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro. Try the service out and see how it can work for your needs.

Contests to Build Followers?

Sometimes these things work and you build your audience. They usually just get people who want free stuff and then disappear into the night. Its really if you want engaging followers or some company to think you have a big reach of followers.

If the contest is focused on something, then you might get the right followers. For example – I could run a contest for 1 hour of consultation time if they follow me on @RecordAPodcast. I will get people interested in podcasting rather than those who want a free iPad or set of headphones.

Ultimately, any new followers can be a good thing – its called “Nickel and Diming”, which can add up. Don’t discount the social network if your numbers are low. If one of those people are consuming your show and you stop tweeting it, they might think the show is faded and stop watching for it (because they might not even remember your website URL). Build your Twitter lists and they might start to support your podcast.

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