Indirectly Promote Your Podcast via Forums

Take it to the forums to promote your podcast! Next on Podcast Hacks.

Podcasters have always said that if you want your show to get more successful, then you have to promote. What better way than to be part of a group or forum in your podcast genre.

Now keep in mind – you are there to promote, but don’t over do it. If you find a forum you like, simply start replying to questions and being a part of the community. Let them get comfortable with you before you start blasting your show.

Make sure you have your show’s details in your description. You can also post “I talked about that on this episode” now and then.

The key is to not focus on your podcast, but focus on the people of the board. Make them feel special and they will check out your show.

Also do that with commenting on websites, YouTube videos, and Reddit. You can build an audience quick if they feel you are listening to them.

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