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My Stations

My Stations

With the addition of iTunes 11.1, you also have the opportunity to get your Podcasts in order by creating Podcast lists that sync between your different programs. iPad, iPhone and even iTunes on Mac or Windows will now be able to share your lists so you don’t have to re-create them.

A great tool for you to keep your podcasts synced and also set up so your subscriptions don’t stop downloading. I would like to suggest Apple add a “Share” option so people can share their playlists with others. Otherwise, just like with iTunes Radio – your playlists come with you on your iOS device.

Here is how you set up your playlists, then set up your station.

How to Set up a Podcast Playlist

  1. Launch the Podcasts App on your iOS device
    1. Turn on Auto-Downloads and Sync Podcasts options if you want functionality to work
  2. From iTunes: Choose Library (right side) then Podcasts (drop-down on left side). Accept the terms.
  3. You will see a set of pre-built playlists. On-the-Go, Most Recent and All Unplayed playlists will be available
  4. Tap On-the-Go playlist, then the Add button (at the top)
  5. Add your favorite podcasts
Setting up a Podcast Station

Setting up a Podcast Station

How to Set Up Your Station

  1. On top you will see a New Station button.
    1. In iTunes: Choose “My Stations”, then choose the Plus sign on the bottom left.
  2. Choose the station name
  3. Choose whether this is “Audio”, “Video” or mixed (in Settings)
  4. Add your podcasts to this station

You can also set up the order in the playlist and how many episodes you want to include.

Create Podcast Playlists, Stations in iTunes

Create Podcast Playlists, Stations in iTunes

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