Katie’s Quilting Corner

Katie - Katie's Quilting Corner Podcast

Katie – Katie’s Quilting Corner Podcast

Name: Katie – Podcast: Katie’s Quilting Corner

What is your show about?

Quilting, machine embroidery, sewing, quilt guilds

Are you a full time podcaster?

No. I’m an accountant. I do photography as a hobby too and I also have three corgis that I train dog agility with when I’m not sewing. I play World of Warcraft too.

What is your mic rig and recording software?

Blue Yeti with a pop filter – it’s small, hooks up to my laptop via USB so I can do mobile interviews quite easily. The sound quality works for what I’m doing which is mostly solo podcasting. The interviews have decent sound quality and I’ve never had to record more than two people in a room.Adobe Soundbooth 3.0. It makes it very easy to edit clips, put different tracks together, fade in and out and cut unwanted things out of a recording.

Name 5 other podcasts you listen to:

  1. Doug Loves Movies
  2. Savage Lovecast
  3. This American Life
  4. The Nerdist
  5. The Instance

What keeps you going?

I interviewed a rather well-known quilt book author and designer in episode 36. It was my first time doing an interview like that. Editing the sound was a bit challenging since we used one microphone and our levels were not consistent but I made it work. It’s my favorite episode out of the 52 that I’ve recorded so far. At some point I can see the need for getting an additional mic so I can mix two channels together easier.

In meeting a new podcaster, what advise do you give him/her?

Go self-hosted. Don’t waste your money on these operations like Podbean.

How do you promote your podcast?

I run a quilting blog and share all sorts of photos, links and tutorials. Quilting podcasts are few and far between so it isn’t hard to get an audience. Other quilting podcasters are very friendly and will happily share your information on their already well-established shows especially if you’ve built a good rapport with them.

It’s easy to get an audience when there aren’t many podcasts out there for your particular interest such as quilting. A lot of people try to star t a new show but not many seem to make it past 20 episodes or they drop out after a few years.

You just got some negative feedback from a listener. What do you do?I’ve never gotten an e-mail but I did get a negative remark in an iTunes review once regarding my dogs barking in the background of one of my early episodes. I’ve since taken care to really edit the sound and lower or remove my dogs barking. I’ve mentioned it on the podcast before and apologized about it but then I got remarks from people saying they enjoy hearing them in the background and it makes it seem more “real”.

Do you advertise on your podcast?

I find it somewhat necessary but I try to tie it to the theme of my podcast. I do amazon associate advertising and also have one quilt shop that advertises on my show. The money that comes in from Amazon justifies the monthly cost of my website and what I’ve spent on equipment. If It becomes substantial I’ll likely use part of it for gift card giveaways and such.

The quilt shop sponsorship allows me to host product giveaways for my readers and listeners. It’s a good partnership. You get more readers and new listeners when you host giveaways because people always want a shot at something for free.  The quilt shop gets good advertising with a very focused audience.

Is there one person you would like to interview someday?

Karen McTavish. She’s famous in the longarm quilting circuit and has won tons of awards. I’d love to pick her brain. She seems like a fun person.

Tell me one thing you would like to improve on your podcast:

I’d like to take the time to make bumper music for “segments” so it seems more polished. I haven’t done it yet but I keep meaning to.

Since a majority of my audience are conservative in some manner I’m always worried I’m going to curse without realizing it or say something derogatory that is going to offend someone. I’m pretty liberal and I’ve been told I’ve got a sailors mouth. I always threaten one day I’m going to do an “uncensored” episode.

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